Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steady potty progress.

We were wasted Monday morning, I woke up around 5:30 a.m. surprised that P was still in bed with us. There was a power outage at his work, servers down, no work. At least P got some well deserved rest. SS was going through her usual JJ withdrawals and being her pleasant self. The whole idea of visiting him was to shorten the time between visits, hoping to make it easier on SS. I don't think it will ever be easy for her to part with her brother.

Maybe potty training on the go led to SS turning a corner in the process. It was not nearly as big a hassle as we expected. Once you walk into a BK holding a tushie cushie, and spend two days with your child using a potty in someone else's living room, it demystifies the process. SS is more at ease and no longer whines when reminded to use the potty. Onward with potty progress.

This morning I was surprised to find SS's diaper dry, a first. Later P told me that he has encountered a couple. SS's diapers are usually soaked to the max in the mornings. This morning she used the potty and she must have held it for quite a while. SS was in good spirits when I dropped her off at school. I received a call from school at 10:30 a.m. Director D wanted me to know that SS was running a low grade fever, 100.4, and that she was not playing or participating. SS was laying on a cot reading. My kid laying down? Not good. DD said that SS looked miserable, so I decided it was time for SS to come home. I called P and he went to get SS and I would meet them at his work. We did not want SS to be without one of us longer than necessary. P was a lifesaver because I could not find my keys for a good 15 minutes. When I arrived I found my sick child smiling and running towards me. At least she was no longer miserable. It took me a while to notice that she was wearing the same pants as this morning. Go SS!

The rest of the day went very well, specially after SS had a bowel movement, something missing for two days. She did it in stages and I only prompted her once. When she finally got the bulk of it out she said "I did it Mama, I got all the pellets out." We are now rewarding with stickers and she has a board on the downstairs bathroom wall to display her stickers. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing and apparently planning a sleepover.

SS picked up a (non working) phone and said "I need to talk to my Baba." Then she had the cutest conversation:
"Hi Baba, how you doing?"
"We fine, we fine."
"Really? That's good." I really wonder what P said.
"Can you come by my house?"
"OK, thanks, see you soon."

SS then stated that she needed to talk to JJ:
"Hi JJ, I miss you JJ, I love you JJ."
"JJ, you come to my house?"
"No, no your house, my house." While gesturing with her free hand.
"You and T come to my house."
"OK? See you soon JJ."

Then it was time to call Grandpa. SS has been thinking about him quite a bit lately.
"Hi Grandpa, you woke up?" When Grandpa was in the ICU we told SS that he was sick and was sleeping a lot. Unconscious does not make sense to her age group.
"Grandpa I miss you. I miss swimming."
"Grandpa you come to my house?"
"OK, hurry, see you soon." Because Maui is a hop and a skip away.

First, where the heck is SS planning to accommodate three extra adults? Besides it's a school night. Second, it was funny that she only invited males. She could have called her grandmothers, aunts, cousin, Godmother, but no, not a single female was invited. I might have to be looking for accommodations during the sleepover.

SS was out by 6:36 p.m., slept about an hour and woke up crying. She was warm and congested. We medicated her, and she fell asleep in my arms for almost two hours. She is back in bed and we hope she gets some rest.

Another picture of SS showing her displeasure at leaving JJ. The girl knows how to milk the goodbyes.

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