Monday, March 09, 2009

What does 50% Puerto Rican, 25% Irish, 25% Jewish, conceived in British Columbia and born in China looks like?

It looks this darn good.

Last night, P, Baby S and I watched the final episode of The L W0rd. We saw the show for the first time last year. We were bored out of our skulls and stumbled upon the fifth season opener. We then rented the previous four seasons and became hooked. This is unusual for me, because I loathe soap operas and my gosh those women are a train wreck. You know what they say about train wrecks and it is true. It is so hard not to look.

Baby S really likes the show and is unusually quiet and calm when her favorite lesbi@ns are on TV. Since we gave up on the whole proper parenting approach, we decided to make The L W0rd our Sunday night thing. What are we going to do now? Oh wait, Baby S has not seen seasons 1-4, so off to renting DVDs we go next Sunday. I hope that when Baby S reads this she asks me why it was a big deal to have a show about lesbi@ns. I also hope that Baby S finds it crazy that in her lifetime same sex marriages were not legal. I also hope that she does not believe P, when he tells her that I had a major girl crush on Laurel H0ll0man. At least it goes to show how boringly predictable I am. Go for blond with hazel eyes, not the overly hyped brunette (practically incestuous). :)

The photo above is another favorite from Baby S's photo shoot. Actually, I think we liked every picture. Baby S is very photogenic and milks it to the end.

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