Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A splash play date, a birthday party, and a scare.

I have not posted in a few days, because I've been busy with homework.  That's right, at my advanced age, I'm dealing with homework. SS had three pages of homework the first week, and we expected an increase as the school year progresses.  However, we were not prepared for nineteen pages of homework on the second week. Silly us, expecting a gradual increase instead of a horrific exponential increase.  Nineteen pages, 19, diecinueve paginas. The last page was on probability. Since when are five year old kids taught probability? We are fearing the next homework packet that is coming home tomorrow.

Last Friday SS had a splash play date after school. E's mom invited several kids from the class, but only SS and E attended. They had a blast nonetheless, thoroughly enjoying the water break amid 106 degrees of sunshine.

The next day SS attended Baby S's (K's sister) first birthday party. Again, she was the only child in the class to attend (E and SS received invites). As soon as we arrived K and C gave SS a big hug, and off they went to play.  The funny thing about them is that SS is close to both her classmate K, and his little sisters. They gravitate towards each other, even Baby S.  SS once again had the opportunity to splash around, and had a great time.

Then the scare happened. The worst part about this is that it was solely my fault, and I'm still mentally flogging myself over my stupidity and unforgivable lapse in judgment.  SS brought a candy to me, and asked for help opening the wrapper. We are very careful about what SS puts in her mouth, due to her propensity to choke. And we are talking on liquids, yes, she chokes on liquids. Another reminder of her time in the SWI, when she was fed by the gravity method (bottle propped up, huge hole in nipple, to speed up the process). The few times that SS has had hard candy we chew on it to break it into little pieces. I think Abuela is dying a slow death after reading the preceding sentence.

When I tried breaking up the candy I realized that it was a jaw breaker type, and gave up, not wanting to chip a molar. At that moment, I should have told SS that she could not have the candy. Instead, in a very not like me move, I allowed her to have the candy, warning her to be careful. Two minutes later SS cut through the very crowded living room (Baby S was opening presents), and came to me, and to my horror I realized she was chocking. Thankfully I went into what my husband refers as my robotic mode, and did the Heimlich maneuver, twice, and the damn candy did not dislodge. I decided against trying a third time, because I was truly afraid of cracking my tiny girl's rib(s). I just stuck a finger inside and dislodged the *&;^%$#@ piece of candy.  By that point SS had a blue tint, and people were yelling instructions that I had to tune out.

I remember the sweet moment when I heard JJ cry for the first time shortly after birth.  I remember the first time I heard SS laugh. Until Saturday, those are the sweetest sounds I had ever had the good fortune to hear.  When SS began crying (after throwing up a bit) I finally snapped out of my robotic mode. It is the best thing I've ever heard in my life.  I took SS into the kitchen to let her cry it out, and to prevent traumatizing the many children in the living room.  Once I found a quiet corner I cried while holding my baby.  I cried because she would not have experienced such fear had it not been for me. Had I used common sense she would not have had that negative experience and memory.  P has been a lot kinder to me than I have been to myself. He reminds me that accidents happen, although this was clearly my fault.

On the funny side, my glasses and cell phone flew somewhere in the living room, and I was completely unaware. When K's grandfather brought them to me I was confused. I did not notice what happened. I'm sure that the incident lasted only seconds, although to SS and I it seemed like an eternity. I'm glad I kept my cool, even if  afterwards I was a wreck. SS slept with us for a few nights, she returned to her bed last night. She has been understandably more clingy, and we needed to keep her close to hear her breathe. Parenthood is most certainly not for wimps.  SS, you Mama is really sorry.

No idea what they where doing here, but they were doing it together.

Baby S had fun with her cake.  Much to my chagrin SS walked up and stole the S. I scolded her, but everyone, including the parents, thought it was adorable. I want to reincarnate as a cute Chinese girl.

SS and K had a lot of play time.

Check our girl out, she speaks softly (not really) and carries a big stick, which she can wield very well.

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Michelle said...

I'm so glad that she is ok. I teared up reading that. I'm sorry you had to experience it, and I am so thankful that she is ok.