Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moon Festival Banquet

A few weeks ago we received an e-mail from a Blazing Paddles member about the Families
with Children from China (FCC) Moon Festival banquet.  We have never celebrated the Moon Festival, but in our household the more holidays the better. We purchased tickets and eagerly waited to attend. We did not know if we were going to see many of our BP mates, since a lot of them used to belong to FCC, but there was a fall out. Six BP families made it, including us.  The funny thing is that SS saw those faces for several weeks, but only recognized the teens, J and G, without their workout clothes.  There were plans for a party in October to celebrate the paddling season, but it has been cancelled due to lack of interest. So it was good that we attended and got to see a few familiar faces.

Upon arrival we were asked to play a dice game, and I usually keep away from games. But thinking of increasing SS's odds of winning something, I gave it a try. Having Sula blow on the dice was wise, because I rolled four fours. The lady that organizes the banquet said she's never seen someone roll four fours.  SS ended up taking home the grand prize, a big stuffed monkey.

A asked SS her age, and SS answered "cinco años." A then said "Yo tengo nueve años."  Turned out that A (fourth grade) and her brother J (second) are enrolled in a Spanish immersion program. Both kids enjoy learning a new language, and are proud to be part of the program. Their school starts 90-10 on K and first grade, like SS's school.  It was neat to get a glimpse of SS's future.

SS had a blast, she danced, she sang, she played, and felt like a big girl, since the other kids at our table were older than her.  Our girl had been fighting a cold, and we made sure to medicate her before dinner. It did not slow her down one bit, and she fussed big time when it was time to go home.

SS was thrilled to see J & G again. The only people from the group she recognized out of their practice attire.

The kids at our table (from left), J (7), M (10), A (9), and SS.

Men and their toys.

The rest of our table.

Yummy moon pie.

After dinner it was time to get down and show her mad dancing skills.

Among the madness, the otherwise very well behaved children at our table engaged in a rowdy game of tag. It was so rowdy that people would stop to look at them, among all the crazy that was going on.

M repeatedly beat J at arm wrestling.

The girls ganged up on poor J and made him the center of their giggly circle.

Waiting for the entertainment to begin.

I could not believe that I won! SS had no problem helping me collect the prize.

Every child received a present, and SS received panda candy. This led me to stick next to her the remainder of the night.

When the young lady finished her drum performance, she asked if any kids wanted to come up and learn to play the drum. We thought SS was going to be on her feet and at the head of the line. When she did not move I asked if she wanted to play the drum. A very sober SS said no... HUH? Her three older table mates did not go, and SS was emulating them.

How did we get a picture of the cutest dragon ever? J was first in line to be the dragon head. Guess that made it OK for SS. Dear child of ours, please keep beating to the sound of your own drum. It has served you well so far, and it won't let you down. 

SS was upset because it was time to go home. She really had a good time reconnecting with her Dragon Boat crew.

The best shot we could get of the group.


Reneeks@gmail.com said...

I love the pictures! Your kiddo's sound like pistols! Isn't life so much more fun with kids! My sister just joined a Dragon Boat club in the area..it's new and I can't wait to watch her compete!

2china4S said...

Thanks Reneeks, but only the pistol in the pink dress is mine. In what area is your sister going to paddle? Ours is the only group with adults and children, needless to say, no first, second or third place finishes. But it's a lot of fun.