Sunday, September 30, 2012

Soaking in Palm Srpings.

We wanted to get in one more visit to a water park, and what better place than Palm Springs, where there's a Soak City, and we could use our season passes. P and I had last visited the park (separately) when it was Oasis, and were curious about the changes we would find. We arrived at around noon, and it was already 100 degrees, with a predicted high of 109. As we departed four hours later, it was only 106 degrees. That meant that SS did not need her rash guard, let alone either wetsuit. It was the perfect way to bid adieu to summer. Technically it is fall, but come on, with such beautiful weather it was still summer to us.

I was looking forward to SS's first look at the windmills, I knew she would be impressed, but was not prepared to the extent. She was in awe of their size and numbers, and just kept gasping and exclaiming "they are GINORMOUS, and the biggest ever!" That moment alone made the entire drive worthwhile.  

I had read Online that they had a Gremmie Lagoon, and I was confused upon entering why I could not find it. Easy, instead of a yellow submarine with a giant octopus on top, this Gremmie Lagoon consisted of all of two slides. SS tried each slide and would have remained there much longer, but P and I were scorching and needed some water relief. 

Happy girl in the lazy river.

Ah the life, lounging on Baba or Mama. I recall a time when it was just us on a double inner tube. Grateful for that us time, but it just wasn't as much fun. SS is such a water kid, ever since that first dip in the very cold pool at the Bank Hotel in Kunming, just days after we met. I was too big a coward to brave the cold water, but my baby happily splashed with P, and had her first swimming lesson.

The wave pool was lots of fun, and we indulged SS by playing shark. Simply us chasing her. P is Baba shark and I am Mama shark. SS has such an effervescent, contagious laughter, that just makes you enjoy the simplest things. 

I told SS that up until her arrival, I only entered a wave pool with P, and would hang on for dear life.
Yep, definitely, those days are long gone.

Our last lazy river stint this year. Bye summer, can't wait for next year. This is the first water park season where P and I have not tried a single big person slide. It's been kiddie stuff each and every visit.

On the way to the park we drove by the Palm Springs Air Museum, and SS squealed with delight. Although tired and ready to head home, there is no way SS would let us just drive by. We allowed her to get her jet fix, because even though our daughter moonlights as a super hero, she understands the wisdom of saving her energy, and using the metal birds to get around.

SS seriously informed us that this is The Avengers jet, a super hero pose a must.

SS has been reminding us since we arrived home that she is not tired.  Too bad, because as soon as I publish this post SS is having a quick bath, then it is off to bed. Tonight is The Amazing Race premiere, and P and I are watching, in bed, just the two of us.

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