Friday, September 21, 2012

Ballet Folklorico

Four kids in SS's class are part of a Ballet Folklorico, and Ms. V-P invited them to dance at school.  They were joined by two other kids who are fifth graders and belong to the same group. SS's friend E (purple dress) was very excited about dancing in front of her classmates. Parents were allowed past the iron gates this time.  The kids did a really good job, and although the audience consisted of five year olds, they paid attention during the short performance.  When they were done I asked SS if she liked the dance, and she said yes. I jokingly asked her if she wanted to join the group, and dance with her friends. SS became serious right away and responded, "Nah, then I'll have to wear a dress." Said the child who was wearing a dress.

We are fearing homework so much around here that P texted me yesterday to find out how many pages SS received.  Thirty seven pages, treinta y siete paginas, I was in shock, and was happy to find out this morning that homework is due in two weeks.

P is getting a kick out of SS and I butting heads about Spanish words. It's just so weird hearing certain words coming from SS, and every cell in me compels me to correct her. Of course, SS is standing by what she learns at school, because God knows I can't be trusted when it comes to the Spanish language. Here are a few words of contention:

Brown - café                           I grew up saying brown, although the Spanish word is  marrón
Purple - morado                      Nope, it's violeta.
Straw (drinking) - popote       It's actually sorbeto, although it's pajilla in Guatemala.
Banana - plátano                     Please a plátano is a plantain, the correct word is guineo.
Marshmallow - bob bon           A bon bon is a chocolate covered 
                                                No Spanish word,  I grew up calling
                                                them marshmallows.

I'm sure as SS learns more words, there will be more language head butting around here.

Mrs. V-P and her dancers

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