Wednesday, September 26, 2012


SS had her first karate class today, and much to her delight K's parents also signed him up.  K is having a difficult time in the classroom, academically he is on track, but he did not attend preschool. He is really struggling with the basics of seating down, remaining quiet, waiting his turn, and refraining from karate chopping his classmates. His parents are hoping that martial arts will help him with discipline, and all those other pesky social niceties. P and I are equally focused on discipline, but outside the classroom. One thing sixteen months in a SWI surely breeds is compliance in large groups. Home is another matter, the girl needs to chill out, before she gets another set of stitches.  We are pleased that the Sensei focuses on the self defense aspect (they will be disciplined if they go around karate chopping, or kicking people for fun), something that SS desperately needs.  Being so small, other kids end up hurting her, even if unintentionally. We don't want her to go around whopping a$$, but want her to send a clear, and painful message when someone hurts her.  Last but not least, we want SS to be aware of stranger danger, something we have not been successful getting through to her.

Both SS and K were on hyper mode waiting for the class to start. They are two peas in a pod, and we might have to separate them starting next class. As much as we enjoy the fact that they are such good buddies, the idea of class is to pay attention and learn.  SS was, as usual, less coordinated than her peers. But we admire the fact that she tries, and as long as she keeps trying, we know she will eventually improve. We did not buy her a uniform today, because we wanted to make sure that she really wanted to return. Since she drove us nuts talking about class, practicing, and shouting kiai until bedtime, we are getting her the uniform next week. 

C, SS and K. Baby S was in her stroller chilling.

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