Thursday, September 06, 2012

First dental extraction.

Today we had more confirmation that P and I are the product of first cousins. We told the grandparents about SS needing to have a tooth extracted. The reason, to make room for the tooth behind. Turns out that the tooth was removed because it was an extra tooth. SS had an extra tooth and we were clueless. In my defense, P went to the initial appointment with SS. Then sneakily scheduled the extraction for a time when he could not be present. Wimp.  I could not even blame my ignorance on him, at least to the dentist.

Dr. K is such a kind soul, and a perfect fit to be a pediatric dentist. We opted for local anesthesia, because we really do not want SS under general unless absolutely necessary. I mentioned that SS had stitches under local, and knew what to expect. That meant that SS knew she would be getting a shot, a big no no word, in a pediatric dental office.  The call it "sleepy juice." Oh well, we believe in using proper terminology, and too late anyway.  The tech seemed teed off that I ruined things, and tried to talk me into approving general. Nope, seems hypocritical because I have been under so many times without incident. But there's always a risk, and one we are not willing to take with SS for a tooth extraction.

SS once again was amazing.  She whined a little, but did not shed a single tear. Dr. K caught on to the fact that SS likes to whine, even when she can't really feel. Welcome to our world lady.  Upon realizing that SS is all about super heroes, Dr. K had a novel way of explaining.  She told SS to pretend to be Green Lantern, and that there was going to be an earthquake while she was trying to save the world. Dr. K then shook SS gently, to prepare her for the "wiggling." The tooth was out in no time, and SS was all smiles. 

Once in the van SS went into full clingy mode. We had a few errands to run, and she was back to her Velcro baby days. I could not step away from her or she'd complain that she was in pain, or that she was scared. Once P came home, she turned it up a notch, but it is understandable.  This was a big deal for SS, and Baba was not there. Mainly because he is saving his time for whatever my surgeries bring, The wimp tease was just that. SS asked to sleep with us, but upon finding out that the Tooth Fairy does not visit our room, she high tailed it to her spaceship.

This is one kid friendly office, among the goods, two old fashioned arcade machines, with multiple games each.

There are six of these around the room, which is overkill, but kids must like to be surrounded by many TVs.

And this is what SS was looking at, the TV above, playing Madagascar.

Waiting for her gum to numb, and still managed to crack up Dr. K and the tech, with her pirate impression.

All done, with her tooth safely placed in a treasure box, to be placed under her pillow tonight.

That is one long tooth, even Dr. K was in awe when she extracted it.

SS showing us the future, how much money we are going to spend on braces. Ouch.

SS's pain medicine. She really has a great racket going. Not to be mean, but where are my treats after getting prodded, sliced, diced, multiple scans, MRIs, and X-rays? Man, once I had a test done that made me flop like a fish out of water. And I so wish I was kidding, or exaggerating. A freaking fish. Did I get a treat? P did cry, kissed me, hugged me after, and wanted to murder my neurologist... But I did not get a toy. I think I'm going to add up how many treats I'm owed, because SS's racket is a real good one.

I love how focused she can be, that is, when she is not chasing dust particles.

Very proud of her St@r W@rs creation.

SS refused to eat or drink, we were lucky to get yogurt in her tummy just before bath time.

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