Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Back in the kitchen.

Ever since SS began school she has hardly spent time helping in the kitchen, one of her favorite things to do. First she would come home and want to play, perfectly understandable. Then the nightmare that is homework began, added to karate and soccer practice. SS would spend her afternoon doing homework, and I would supervise while doing my usual. She had been asking to help for over a month now, but there was always something else she needed to be doing.

Truth be told I miss my shadow in the kitchen, underfoot, always in the way. I miss her eagerness to load and empty the dishwasher. I miss SS asking me how to say every vegetable and spice name in Spanish. I miss her as much as I miss sitting on the kitchen floor with Mami, sorting through beans, rice, and "helping" in the kitchen. Things took her so much longer when my grubby little hands were involved, but Mami never turned me away, nor lost her patience. I wish I was as consistent, as good, and as patient as Mami. Because that time meant so much to me. As screwed up as I am, I will never doubt that I was loved, and Mami gave me that assurance by simply giving me her time. 

SS had been so focused on her Legos, and each set can be transformed into so many different toys. This was the first Christmas when she had not used (and tired of) every toy on the same day. On Saturday SS was out of her Lego fog and asked to use her cupcake baking kit.  It has kid size tools, perfect for SS's little hands.

SS has the apron, hat, oven mitt, and necessary tools. 

I have no idea why we do not have a full cupcake pan (12), maybe because we do not bake.

Now this is progress for SS, holding the hand mixer on her own. When she used medium speed I braced myself for a chocolate explosion, but my baby held on tight.


SS only made six cupcakes just to try out her set. The remainder went into one of the baking dishes Grandpa gave us. SS's cake was delicious. It was good to spend time with SS in the kitchen. We were done just as P walked in the door from work.

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