Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pajama day and science club.

Yesterday was pajama day at school, and SS was very excited to be able to wear her Lego Star Wars pajamas. It was funny to see all the girlie PJs, with an astonishing amount of princesses gowns.  Not very practical in the rain and cold of the morning. SS did not even notice, mainly because as soon as we arrived the boys gathered around her eager to see what she was wearing. I do not recall there being that many special days when JJ was in school. So far we have had dress like your friend, crazy sunglasses, crazy hat, crazy socks (twice), dress in purple (anti bullying campaign), and I'm sure there are one or two I can't recall. There's another crazy hat day coming up, a super hero day, and sports day. SS will be wearing her gi.  As long as the kids are having fun.

In the afternoon was the first meeting of the Science and Engineering Club. The engineering part is such a huge stretch, but the mom who lobbied for the club is an engineer. Guess maybe that is how that ended up as part of the name. We arrived early, because I remembered how packed it was science night. I managed to get a glimpse of how crazy it gets at dismissal time for first through fifth grades. It is caused by the fact that there is no school bus service for the district. I texted P and told him I fully expect to be elsewhere in August when SS starts first grade. It's not only that it is crowded, it's how crazy people get. In the mornings there is a lot of traffic in both directions. Yesterday afternoon I saw many parents creating a third line, down the middle, as if it was the normal thing to do.  No wonder our kids are impatient and lack manners. We so called adults are doing a heck of a job modeling that atrocious behavior.

I was surprised than only seventeen kids attended. The first project was creating a paper rocket, the same project they had on science night.  SS could not have cared less that it was nothing new, she set to work and had a good time. The school principal gave the families an update on the robotics club, the one where they use Legos. I was under the impression that was why we were there. The robotics club takes a lot of time, it's quite a commitment and the principal wanted to know how many parents were willing to make that commitment. The school was granted a Lego kit, for up to six users. If more than six parents were willing to commit, the school will purchase a second kit. I did not even have to ask P because I realized I was going to be volunteered.  I am hoping that the kids who attended yesterday will be given priority for the robotics club. SS is becoming one busy young lady. All I ever did was go to school and go home.  The good thing about SS is that she will try things at least once (except swings, and the climbing structure at Mac Donald's).  That is why we strive to provide her with opportunities to explore different areas. As it turned out yesterday, it was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. 

Shades, a must in cloudy, rainy weather.

The blurry thing coming towards me in the rocket from the kid on the left. The kids had so much fun shooting their paper rockets.

This morning, watching Transformers Prime, and keeping her pledge to eating a healthy breakfast. P found a great place for Mexican food yesterday by serendipity. It's the first place we have found in nine months that uses whole pinto beans instead of refried. Whole beans where the norm in Northern California and what we prefer. SS, like her brother, prefers monster nachos.

SS tries out her new rain boots that we bought on clearance for only $7. It helps that SS still wears a toddler size.

The woman with SS is the director of the club, and her child attends SS's school. A bonus is that she also works for the school district as the science coordinator. Needless to say it is advantageous that she volunteered to take the helm of the club.

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