Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Taking it easy.

SS returns to school next Monday, and that means P only had yesterday to sleep in. Next week is back to being up early on his day off. The plan was to sleep in, then see what we wanted to do. It turned out to be a lounging day, one that P really needed, and he was very pleased.  The three of us had a really early bedtime, and managed more sleep than usual (except for SS who always sleeps longer). Down side was that P and I were up at 2:00 a.m., so we went downstairs to watch TV and talk, because SS had wormed her way into our bed again. By five we were back in bed, and more snoozing. It was so decadent that we felt we really had to at least try to do something today. Tonight we return to SS's school night routine, and we are sure she is going to fight with all she has.  That is why we set out to tire her.

SS drove her car from home three blocks to the elementary school she was supposed to attend, and we turned her loose to practice her driving. She is really baffled in the above picture that she ended up on the sidewalk. Seriously, why does not looking where you are going lead to such incidents? For a child with such a good grasp of spatial relationships, we are in awe of what a lousy driver she is.  It probably did not help that P taught SS to use the faster speed (5 mph vs. 2.5). Maybe doubling the speed was not a smart move.

Proudly posing by her prized car, showing off the clothes she received Sunday. In a little over ten years from now SS is going to be recreating that pose on a real automobile. Scary thought.

SS and Muddzie, her male pink pig.

SS managed to run right into the back of a parked van on her way home. The owners saw it happen from their house and were laughing their butts off.

Before moving on to the second part of our quest to get SS nicely tired, we had chicken wings for lunch. SS had already eaten, and was eagerly waiting her next treat.  We had 58 Chuck E Ch**se tokens left over from SS's birthday party. After making sure we did not have to eat their awful food, we turned SS loose in the restaurant to let her use her tokens. SS also indulged in cardboard tasting pizza. We still have about a dozen tokens.

I can honestly say I had never seen this approach before, but it worked for them both.

Back home to open the huge box of sidewalk chalk that should last her for a very long time. So, did it work? Well, P and I are feeling the day and look forward to some shut eye. SS? Ugh, she's going strong, like good for a few more hours strong.

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