Sunday, January 06, 2013

Dia de Reyes.

This afternoon we visited Nana and Grand Min. We had postponed a Christmas visit due to Nana's health.  We knew SS was excited to see them, and knowing that Nana was not feeling well, SS was anxious to see her again. What we did not expect was her reaction when Grand Min opened the door. We are accustomed to SS reacting to seeing other humans as though it is a once in a year occurrence. SS is like her Aunt C, a social butterfly, she is an extrovert, gregarious, outgoing. But when that door opened we saw SS react in a way she had never reacted before, other than to her brother. Holy cow, the girl was tap dancing.  Nana is doing much better since our last visit, and it was such a relief to notice it as soon as we saw her.  She has also lost about forty pounds, but is not recommending her weight loss method. Darn, we'll have to try that eat less exercise more thing. 

Santa Claus left gifts for SS at their home, and our daughter wasted not time getting to them. She received so much, and we are very grateful. I did not get good pictures, lots were blurry, but we will be taking pictures of SS with her gifts. The blurry pictures made a good case for replacing my busted purse camera.  SS received clothes (GLITTER), arts and crafts, so much needed books, a toy puppy she got to accessorize (she may be a super hero, but she has a soft side), sidewalk chalk, a mask to decorate, AND a Captain America shield with missiles! Oh joy to see her face light up with each gift was awesome, but to see that tiny creature hug her weapon darting shield, like a child hugs a stuffed animal... PRICELESS. 

The best gift as usual is the type money can't buy, and today that came in the form of peace of mind. P was able to see, instead of hear about his mother's progress. It really isn't unusual to be away from loved ones in times of crisis. We experienced that when Grandpa was critically ill. It was such a horrible time for both of us, but worse on P. Wishing he could be by his father's side. Daily updates were available, but there is nothing better than seeing for himself. 

To recap, SS (Chinese) celebrated Dia de Reyes (a Hispanic/Spanish holiday) at the home of her grandmothers, one Irish, one Italian. Hello diversity.

Taken on the drive home, P liked the contrast.

SS named her tiny poodle Tron. No one saw that name coming. Whoever matched SS with us, we SO owe you.

Want to feel old? SS is using her battery operated markers. They light up, and only when attached to the "magic wand" do they operate. W.T.F???? Sorry, but we were baffled, did not have a clue that existed. Wait, there's more! SS also received a crayon maker, she will be making her own crayons. Not feeling old, just ancient.

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