Monday, January 28, 2013

Life in HD.

After school we headed out to do some shopping. There's a particular item I was looking for, and while striking out at many places, we were having a good time. We were cruising along a rather crowded freeway when the gas pedal got stuck.  Thankfully P was driving, and he kept his cool, at least outwardly. We are also very thankful it was not a mechanical malfunction, the pedal was stuck because of the floor mat. I did not know that until it was over. I'm certain the incident lasted seconds, but it seemed so long until we could breathe again.  Those long arms my husband has came in very handy, as he was able to pull the mat out.  There was no way my T Rex like arms would have reached that far. P and I ramming into a vehicle or a guard rail while not ideal, well, it's life; there are air bags and seat belts. The same scenario with SS in the van was simply terrifying for us. Just the thought of our baby getting hurt was more than either one of us could take. 

Now on to the subject at hand.  We finally did something we should have done last July.  It took me that long to make us vision exam appointments.  What can I say, although our coverage became effective in July, we are that lame. I guess given the amount of medical appointments P and I have racked up since, we probably did not want one more.  My prescription changed slightly, not bad for a two year lapse in examinations. Turned out that my difficulty seeing with my glasses was due to their size. I use progressive bifocals, and my lenses were not big enough. The dude who sold me the glasses at Costco should have caught that.  P's vision deteriorated more than mine. 

When it was time to order new glasses, we were given the option of digital lenses. Say what? We had not heard of those. When P asked the tech what was the difference she said like regular TV and High Definition. If P wants bells and whistles with his lenses, it is not as costly as it is for me.  Progressive lenses make everything expensive. I'm still trying to get over the sticker shock of my prescription sunglasses. I almost passed but P being P wanted me to have them. My glasses arrived last week, and WOW, it does make a difference. I immediately texted P to let him know how cool it was. I had to remove the glasses on the drive home, because it made me disoriented. Weird cool, and it did not take long to adjust after. P also noticed the marked difference. We are definitely getting them from now on.  Life is good in HD.

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