Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A cool brthday cake and a boo boo on her special day.

Friday started very well for SS, she had two unexpected mishaps, but still managed to end her birthday on a high note.

SS had every little girl's dream birthday cake delivered to school by Mama and Baba, so she could celebrate with her entire class.  The cake came with the cars and ring, we added the cool action figure and SS was none the wiser.

Totally excited even though she had to wait for her classmates to finish their lunches before having cupcakes. We did not bother enforcing the rule with SS. There had to be benefits to being the birthday girl.

Upset that we did not allow her to pick the toys from the cake and go on her merry way to the playground. Never mind that she has never been allowed to take toys to school, as in since she was in preschool.  Silly little detail.

Still milking it.

OK, we got a smile when we told her she could have her cake toppers as soon as we got home and cleaned them.

Barely minutes after this picture was snapped I heard SS scream (another kid had my attention asking for I can't remember what now), she cried and said she bumped into a table.  It broke the skin, and I'm sure it hurt, but not to generate the kind of screaming and crying SS was doing. Just another reminder of the crap fest we got her into, and wondering how long before she stabilizes.

Since school was almost over I wanted to get out of there before SS's teacher (who is very vocal against crying for any reason) could make an appearance and make things worse. SS's classmates are a caring bunch, but significantly slowed down our departure wanting to comfort their fallen comrade.

That gave the teacher enough time to come out of her meeting and spread sunshine. First she said there was no need to cry. Well, I don't care, let the kid cry. She's had a crappy couple of weeks, with more emotional and physical distress than she needs. Second, we do not believe in negating her feelings. If you don't like her crying please step away.   One thing I will never understand is why people meddle so much. People, if you see a hurt child, and that child is in her parent's arms, just back the hell off. Especially if the child is screaming bloody murder asking not to be touched. It's been a pet peeve of mine forever.  SS adores her Baba, but when she is hurt she wants and needs her Mama. Not surprising since we have been attached at the hip since we met.  Even her father recognizes and respects that fact. Then the teacher decided it was a good idea to place her cold water bottle on SS's cut. Oh man was she surprised when SS cried even louder. All I wanted was to get her home, where I was sure a Band aid would help with the crying.

Because SS had not had enough bad luck lately her tooth got caught in her blouse as I removed it to clean her wound. The tooth came off and I could not find the sucker, because I had SS clinging to me screaming about her back and her tooth, and the fact that she was bleeding in two places. Now that is over I must admit that the double gap just looks adorable on SS. Gives her a fang like, tiny vampire look.

An Iron Man B@ndaid, some serious TLC, and SS let go off me to search for her tooth.

I was SO glad when I finally found that darn tooth, even though the Tooth Fairy pays anyway. SS's evening was a good one, she attended her first dance with a very handsome (OK, smoking hot, I was jealous) escort.

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