Saturday, March 23, 2013

Yesterday was sports dress up day at school. SS initially wanted to wear her soccer uniform, cleats and shin guards included. We managed to redirect her and she settled on her karate gi. As soon as we arrived I questioned the wisdom of our redirection. A bunch of boys circled SS and started showing their so called karate moves. SS growled (new thing for her) and decided to show them how it's done. I had to remind her that karate is for self defense only, and to walk away from any kicking, chopping or other karate moves. I left the school expecting a phone call to immediately return to get my karate kid. SS heeded my reminder and made it through the day without incidents (that we know of).

Since SS's teacher is against any "man made holiday" (that somehow includes Christmas and Easter) we were concerned that our kids would be the only ones once again left out of a celebration. On SS's birthday, the other two classes made St. Patrick's Day hats and wore them throughout the day. SS's classmates were easy to spot, as they were the ones without hats. Last time I volunteered in SS's class a mom approached me and floated the idea of having an Easter egg hunt after school for our kids. I loved the idea and we started polling other parents. In no time the idea was a go and today was the day. Last day of school before Spring break, and the kids would have some out of school fun together. 

Somehow the unthinkable happened, and we were surprised to see our kids holding Easter eggs when school was dismissed. What the heck? The two other K teachers made sure that SS's class was included in the egg hunt. That was very sweet of them and about freaking time. It was funny how SS made it very clear that her teacher "was not at our egg hunt Mama.  She doesn't like that at all." Oh well, two egg hunts in one day, things are looking up for SS. 

I'm trying to get SS to have her put-meat-on-her-bones power shakes whenever possible. Ice cream would never cross my mind as part of an acceptable breakfast, but there it was in SS's cup. Well, along with the instant breakfast and whole milk. SS finished it quickly once I told her she could not go on the playground until her shake was gone. I'm not a fan of blackmail but we are serious about her need to gain a few pounds.

First egg loot of the day, then a wardrobe change and lunch before heading to the park.

When P saw SS's pail he asked how many eggs I expected her to get. It's excessive, but SS wanted a super hero bucket and this is what I found.

Growling once again, this has been going on for a few weeks. P thinks it's her Wolverine phase.

Can I go now????? I love E's expression (on the right), she just was not into it at the moment.

Field of Easter Eggs Dreams

SS could not use her long awaited for Easter bucket because the kids had to use the ones provided. That was news to me, and P thought it was just lame. He's totally right, but SS has to follow lame rules all the time, even at home.

Initially the kids were going to have a set number of eggs to pick. But a much lower turn out than expected (even though siblings were included), and a lot of parent contributions resulted in a lot of eggs per child. SS filled her pail and was asked to return to get more. What a horrible thing to endure.

Always a lady, she takes after her Mama.

SS with O and his little brother A. O asked me if we could get SS a BMX bike so he can teach her to race and they can race together.  My baby, the one who can't pedal a bike is no BMX racer material. O and his brother also race motor bikes, O's parents think it's a great idea for SS to try a motor bike instead. Get this, the 50s come with training wheels. Not sure we want SS to break something she might need later, like a limb, cranium, neck or vertebrae.

It's been a while since SS had bubble fun, it was good to see her free spirit side in full force. 

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