Friday, March 01, 2013

SS returns to the scene of the accident.

We signed an independent study contract in order to get school work for SS for the week she will miss. Her Spring break is the last week in March, but the air fare prices were so good next week that we decided to move up our visit. SS can't escape homework even when on vacation. I needed to pick up the packet today, but SS made it clear that she had no intention of setting foot in school. I also knew that it was important for her classmates to see that SS was OK. A lot of them witnessed the incident, and I heard from a lot of moms how their kids were worried about SS. For SS to be gone an extra week would get their minds in overdrive, and I wanted to be fair and show them all was relatively well.

But how to convince SS to go back, without further traumatizing her? I suggested that she could wear one of her costumes if that made her feel better. SS chose her new favorite, Batman, and it did the trick. It's amazing to see the change in her personality when she dons her costumes. I knew her classmates would be happy to see her, but I was not prepared for the love fest that ensued. The kids were amazingly sweet, and it turned out to be a very good visit for SS.  Some had written letters, cards, and someone gave her a beautiful butterfly.  Her best bud E gave her a Batman book. The children know they won't be seeing SS next week, but only because she is going to visit her grandparents who live far away.  They know SS will be back in time to celebrate her sixth birthday with them.

It was also the last time SS and K would see each other in a long time. K's father accepted a great job offer in Colorado Springs, and they are moving next week.  Pretty much what happened to us around this time last year. It's a great opportunity for them, although it involves uprooting their children with barely a month's notice.  K is having the most difficult time with the move. We plan to have the kids Skype and write to each other. Lots of changes...

This afternoon SS received a get well letter from B.  He is the boy hanging on for dear life to SS in the first picture (gray shirt, denim shorts). B is such a sweet, sensitive boy and took SS's injury the hardest. B is about SS's size, we think SS is a tad taller. So it was so sweet to read that he asked SS to please come back to school and that he would protect her. Awwwwwww, that was just too cute. It feels good to know that SS is liked by her classmates.  Then again maybe at that age they just like everyone.

B is super hero crazy too and sent SS a Batman and Avengers stickers.

One thing I learned today at that playground is that we will never allow SS to join a child/teen band, or do anything that will even have the slightest remote possibility of making her well known.

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