Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First corsage, first dance and gifts.

Our little girl attended her first dance on her sixth birthday with a smoking hot escort who brought her a beautiful corsage. The only reason I survived this milestone is that P was the escort, and not some tattooed thug freak (nothing against tattoed thug freaks, just not our idea of an escort). It was a wonderful opportunity to see our super hero crazy girl show that she is well rounded, so no need to worry about her future folks. She loved the corsage, her outfit, and the fact that her Baba was dressed up, and only hers for the evening.

We had to make a knot on the wristband due to SS's tiny wrist.  That is why she is holding her arm that way, afraid it would fall. We did a good job and it lasted until she came home.

SS's teacher texted me this picture and gushed about how beautiful SS looked. Yes, our daughter can carry a dress when appropriate, although she prefers pants. There's just no need to dress like that at school. And as hard as it is to believe, at lunch we saw a girl wear a white and red dress similar to SS's. To school, on the day they spend half an hour running around the playground, at school. Yikes. My people really need to tone down the over dressing thing.

A pic to let Mama know they were having a good time.

H and S, so good that SS has some diminutive classmates. They both look possessed in this picture, but I assure you they are both lovely. Although our child is most likely possessed, but still lovely when unprovoked.

As soon as they walked through the door it was time to open Mama's and Baba's gifts.

A lightsaber! But not just any lightsaber, it's red just like Darth Vader's, another little girl's favorite everywhere.

SS received some DVDs.

Books are always a good choice.

SS is entering a Wolverine phase, and was thrilled that we bought her the muscled costume. She really dislikes the wimpy ones. SS totally exhibits the little person syndrome. We hope that doesn't translate into stiletto heels to the park later in life.

Finally, the Wolverine action figure SS has been asking for since October.

Love the transformation from belle of the ball to super hero strong.

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