Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Arts and crafts fun at Lunar Fest.

***This post was obviously supposed to follow the Lunar Fest post, and I have no idea why I neglected to publish.***

SS is not an arts and crafts child, she is obviously action oriented. When arts and crafts incorporate chaos and destruction SS will be on board. The kid surprised me at the Lunar Festival. She wanted to do everything in the children's village and more than once.  That was something that would never happen at the celebrations in San Francisco and Los Angeles. It would be impossible to have an arts and craft area for so many little ones. 

It was hot for this time of the year that day. I was grateful to have the Hummer to keep SS comfortable.  Unlike this picture I was able to keep her with her back to the sun.  SS had Parmesan and garlic swirl fries. Never had them like that and they were yummy. I texted P a picture and he asked how would SS ever eat all that. She did with little help from JJ and I. She then tore into the rice, noodle and teriyaki beef plate. If there's over priced food SS is hungry. 

After lunch we headed over to the Children's Village not knowing what to expect. They had so many activities, and the children could choose to take them home, work on them there, or have the volunteers half complete them.  SS took the color yourself calendars to complete at home. She loved the chopstick activity. 

The guy in the pic above also did SS's tattoo

SS chose year of the dragon for this activity even though the horse was available. She remembered her Mama was born in the year of the dragon.

Another fun station.

The color your fan activity came in handy.

Cooling off and recharging the cell phone at the library.  SS decided to work on another activity, the lucky coin purse.

The anime crowd was out in force.

This group did an amazing job with the drums and most were women. I need to add the video later, they were amazing.

P could not stop laughing when he saw this picture. As a matter of fact, whenever he sees it he has a fight of laughter, tears and all. Why?  Because he thinks SS looks like an old Asian lady.

Here P, happy?

This lantern activity was our last, and SS was very upset that it was time to go home. The kids used their thumbprints to decorate a dragon lantern. It reminded me of SS's footprint on our adoption papers. I was very disappointed that SS was not interested in learning how to write her name in Chinese.  That was the one activity I felt was the most important. I also did not like how dismissive she was of the idea. That led to another round of she really needs to go to Chinese School talk. We need to look for other options other than Saturdays and so far away. 

SS looks all happy here but she had a fit when it was time to leave. We still needed to drop by our old house in UCR student housing, since JJ had not been there in a while. It was nice going back and man, that huge backyard and awesome huge tree would have been awesome for SS to play around. The tiny house not so much.

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