Sunday, February 23, 2014

Super hero bowling.

I have never been into video games, just not my thing. But recently we dusted our old Wii to allow SS to play bowling.  We try to play here and there after dinner, not as good as a walk, but at least there's some movement involved. SS enjoys it, and she definitely has a funny way of playing. She has had some great shots that seemed impossible given how she contorted her body to "throw." SS enjoys playing as different characters which is a hoot. We are hoping SS moves to other games where her balance and coordination will be challenged.  There is a game simulating the ski long jump that will require her to stand on the Wii fit platform and lean her body forward. SS has no idea we are working on her balance and coordination, she is just playing a game. And we get some family bonding time.

Technically not a super hero, but SS has certainly elevated pirates to that status.

We can't blame the girl for loving that hammer, even her Mama thinks is one cool toy.

I initially didn't realize that SS was using her right hand, but P noted that SS must hold the hammer in her left hand.

SS does not need a costume to look or act scary, and she certainly wears them all well. But we are partial to her Batman Dark Knight Rises. Probably because she does dark and scary so well. 

I never took a good picture of SS wearing her wolverine costume, and look, she has outgrown it. We have no choice but get SS another one. P said no one can say SS does not play dress up. That is a common complaint about SS's dislike for the princess crap. Our daughter plays dress up, just not the way people stuck in silly gender roles want her to play.

As I was perusing through the pictures I noticed something above SS's head on this one. We have no idea how she got her hand prints up there, or what the heck was on her hands at the time.

This was her second strike, I missed the first one while briefly turning away.

We all got strikes in the same frame, SS thought that was really cool.

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