Saturday, February 01, 2014

2014 is the year of the horse.

Last Saturday we went to the Pan-Asian parade and festivities to celebrate Chinese New year. I did not know what to expect and made sure to be at the end of the parade route early. I should have taken notice that it's only the fourth year the event has been held.  That and the fact that we are in the Inland Empire, not LA. That suited me just fine because I don't do huge crowds with SS without P.  It was the shortest parade that I have ever seen, but just long enough for an antsy SS. She gets out of sorts when her Baba is not with us in outings. We stayed until around 3:00 pm and SS was disappointed because she wanted to see the fireworks. As much as I love the girl and indulge her, I was not ready to wait four hours for fireworks.

Much to SS's delight they had about eight lion/dragon dances. 

SS showing her approval of the massive firecracker display. It's rather embarrassing when your child's volume exceeds that of the firecrackers.

There were also a lot of martial arts groups, and SS totally wanted to join this school once she saw this boy doing some impressive moves with his sword. Sure, why not, she is already shooting arrows.

Drums, oh boy there were lots of drums.

Mǎ xīnnián kuàilè

Mongolian Dance

Of course we had the talk again about Saturday Chinese school. I know we have a responsibility to ensure SS learns Mandarin, or at least becomes familiar enough. It is the only thing we regret about moving since SS was on the list for an excellent Mandarin immersion program. And I'm well aware that it's worth the sacrifice. I just wish it was not only me making said sacrifice, since P won't have Saturdays off any time soon. 

And there it is, cultural appropriation.

Dude in the middle, either do the sumo wrestler thing all the way or not at all. That ensemble was sillier than the mawashi (sumo loin cloth) and butt cheek exposure.

SS's top came in very handy, it has a super hero, it's red (perfect for any Chinese celebration), and it's a rash guard with SPF 50 protection (Hello Maui). 

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