Monday, February 24, 2014

Piragua, raspado, shaved ice, they are all good.

The day we visited Fairmount Park I hoped we would run into a piragua vendor, except that around here they are called raspados (shaved).  P found a raspado place, it had good reviews, so we headed to satisfy our frozen treat craving. JJ remembers piraguas well, he had them here in Southern CA, in Mexico and Puerto Rico.  The funny thing is that he could not recall his usual. I remember well because although there are many flavors and combinations, I always have fresa (strawberry) and tamarindo (tamarind syrup).  It's the most popular flavor in Puerto Rico and JJ always had the same.    As soon as we entered the shop JJ was mildly disappointed. He expected blocks of ice everywhere, and the clerks shaving the ice for each order. It is the only way he has ever seen it done. That place was packed, and the only way to keep up is to have a shaver/freezer combo. That thing was huge, but it did not provide JJ with the trip down memory lane he wanted.

These raspados also lacked the familiar cone shape JJ remembered.

JJ, SS and I ordered the same, but P stepped out of convention and ordered strawberry/watermelon. It's not his fault, the guy does not have the Puerto Rican gene like the three of us.

The pictures on the wall depict well what JJ expected. We told JJ that as soon as we have the time we will go to what was once the Museum of Science and Industry in L.A., and we are sure there will be vendors there, just like in his childhood.  Even better, the museum now houses the shuttle Endeavor, and we want to share that part of history with SS. 

On the drive home I realized that I had pictures from SS's first piragua in Puerto Rico.  I jokingly refer to it as the most expensive piragua ever, since it was the focus amd highlight of our trip last year.  I was so sad when we departed P.R the first time, because we were unable to get a freaking piragua.  I was determined to introduce SS to that beloved part of my childhood. JJ had already had the pleasure when he was 12 and spent a month on the island.

Downtown Ponce almost a year ago. It was such a rough week for SS and I that I could not even post the pictures. It's also the first time since meeting SS that I took so little pictures. That trip confirmed what I suspected, traveling with SS without P royally sucks in so many ways. It started at baggage claim on arrival and only went downhill from there. And it did not help that SS was not prepared for a week long separation from her Baba.  She really had a horrible time emotionally, my heart ached for her. I also gained a greater appreciation for all P does when we travel. He takes care of all our luggage and carseat installation. My job is to look after SS, take pictures and video, and drive. I never realized before that I had the better part of the deal. 

Since I barely posted from P.R. I did not get to document our first trip without the Ergo. Man that carrier was such a lifesaver. I really missed it in Atlanta when they changed our departure gate and we had to take the train to the opposite side of the terminal.  SS did well, but it's so convenient to just place the kid in and have both hands free. It also signified a big change for us, my baby was growing up. That stung a little because I really enjoyed having SS so close to me. It's difficult to think about next month and know the Ergo won't be coming along. P told me that SS really loved her Ergo time as well. He thinks she would gladly get in it if I asked. Nah, SS is a big girl, and it's time to allow her to move on and gain independence. 

Now this is how it's done!

SS went for it, the much parent dreaded sugar rush/brain freeze.

Now we have all had raspados in So Cal and shaved ice in Maui. We need to get P a piragua sometime in the future. This post makes me happy because there's shaved ice in our immediate future. And sun, sand, seafood, sunscreen, snorkels, condo with two pools, actually visiting a beach...

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