Thursday, February 06, 2014

B&G Clubhouse Reopening.

SS has been excited about the reopening of the B&G clubhouse. It was September 24 when the fire forced the closing and we are sure that SS was not the only kid happy to have more space. Last night as we were cuddling with SS P asked me if he had mentioned that SS was in the club's flyer. No, I did not know, because I am certain we were not asked. I usually worry about things like that but P quickly dismissed my concern. He said it was on the door and probably made just for that purpose. I asked P to ask for a copy, heck if  my kid is pictured I should get a copy.  I was not quite prepared for what I found when I got home. The flyer was not made just for the door, it's the flyer they circulate all over to promote the club. And there was my daughter in all her uncombed hair glory smiling at me. I'm still not sure how to feel about it.  It's not like SS is the only Asian child at the club and they needed her to be the token kid to represent her race. It's difficult to get out of my social worker paranoia, and must admit that I am glad it is not what I do now. But it's still there, especially with SS being so young.  Still, not too thrilled about it, but it's what we get with parenting SS. And that childcare as low as $46 a week??????? We were both saying WTF, that does not even cover two days for us.

It rained last night and it continued to drizzle during the day. SS was so happy because it was chilly enough in the evening to wear her purple coat. She just loves this coat and would not even take it off indoors. It reminded me of when we moved and she threw a fit as we were about to pack her coat. She cried so much that although we were in a hurry we left that wardrobe box opened until SS fell asleep.  We think she's had it for almost 3 years now, and it still fits.

They had a game where SS won a hush puppy, not the shoes, but the delicious, artery clogging fried goodie. SS loves those things.

I swear we thought SS was in the computer room watching a movie as we waited for the ceremony to begin. Then P says, "what the heck is she doing up there?" I turned around to see the director getting our attention, and holding our daughter's hand. He then picked up SS and introduced her to the crowd, and asked them to say hi to her. I did not get the beginning because I was as stunned as P was. The looks we got as she ran towards us were priceless. And if there was a doubt as to who I was, SS later ran to me while yelling Mama, excited to show me her mini parfait.

Yes those two plain looking, wall flowers are my parents. It's been a rough six years for them and one would think they'd be used to it by now.

Pleased to meet you, my name is Arroz Blanco.

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