Saturday, February 08, 2014

SS received her first Valentine this year.

When SS and P arrived home yesterday she was holding what I thought was a Valentine project she made at school or at B&G.  I was mistaken,  it was a gift from her boy friend S. That's right, her boy friend, not her boyfriend. I don't recall if we have addressed her B&G admirer (there are many more, but this kid is intense) before, and I'm too lazy to read my own ramblings. The boy lacks pigmentation, I was shocked the first time I saw him. I know daddy's girls end up marrying a guy like their dad. I never considered myself one, until Papi's and P's similarities were brought to my attention. OMG, they are about the same height, string beans (Papi until death, P when we met), have the same posture and lack of rear end. And they are the only men, other than my son, whose hand I can hold comfortably. But SS, your Baba while fair skinned, can be outside longer than ten minutes without suffering third degree burns. Seriously that is how fair skinned that kid is.

S took a liking to SS last summer and the boy has not stopped liking our daughter. He brings her snacks, even though there is a strict no food sharing policy. S brings her super hero stickers, cards, and drawings.  He begged for her phone number, but since we only have cells, he came up empty handed. No way are we giving our phone numbers to a six year old (other than SS).  We must admit that Mr. Lack of Pigmentation did a good job trying to woo our daughter with his Valentine.

It appears that Mr. S could not find an A , but that did not keep him from giving his giant whatever it is to SS. He simply wrote the A, and that IS the cutest part about his creation. Mr. S, we appreciate your efforts, but our daughter is not permitted to date until she is 47. Heck yeah, we are in absolute denial and not looking forward to middle and high school.

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