Monday, March 16, 2015

A productive day so far.

Our day started with P figuring out our huge stroller fits in the handicapped space in the tram. Yesterday we walked from the parking garage. It was not a fun walk.

Two more pins and I didn't want to ruin a second outfit ruined, so SS's hat came in handy. Yesterday and today's outfits, shoes included are part of the Abus' gift.

These guys were walking by and saw SS's birthday pin. They invited her to be their first picture.

A dainty little girl moment, not many of those.

Our first ride was the Monsters Inc. per SS's request.

Next we headed to Turtle Talk with Crush who must have gone through quite a bit of Humboldt's finest before the show. Dude was in totally tubular mode cha.

SS was first in line to say hi to Sully. 

SS enjoyed the maximum allotted time in Olaf's Snow Fest. A nice reprieve from the heat.

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