Monday, March 16, 2015

How bad did we want to get out of Dodge?

We are tired, really tired, even though we had a blast the past two days. There's something about waiting so long for SS, then waiting even longer for what we were able to give her for her birthday.  It feels pretty darn good to indulge her every now and then,  But our bodies took a beating and sent us a clear message, "You two have NO business having an eight year old.  By you I mean me, but P says he is feeling as beat up as I am.  Uh, no Mr., you are a decade younger, so you do not get to complain about aging.  Nope, no way, this is my turn to bitch about my body falling apart.

That being said, P was done as soon as we exited the Cars ride. He was on a mission to get home ASAP. When we arrived at the garage we noticed that it was going to be a wait for the elevator.  P did not take time to think.  He was done and waiting was not an option and surprised me by deciding to take the Hummer on the escalator.  Oh yeah, he was totally done and could not wait to come home to rest his tired bones.

Where is SS? She is sitting between us, really.

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