Monday, March 16, 2015

Gifts and good night.

We really tired SS yesterday. We returned to the hotel after Fantasmic to open Her birthday presents. P and I have tried to limit what we gift SS since she came home. And every time we are left with just good intentions. SS is a lovely child but as for all practical purposes raised so far as an only child, she can be rather entitled.

We are proud that for the first time we kept it simple. OK we don't count the two days at the park. SS loves her gifts, especially Grandpa's, who gives the best gifts. Sula can't wait to get home to assemble her Bionicle set.

Usually SS would open her toys immediately, but she must have been more tired than we thought.  She got ready for bed and was out right away.
Batman PJs and fleece blanket, Avenger pillow and Dog, and off to dreamland SS went. Tomorrow she will visit California Adventure for the first time.

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