Monday, March 16, 2015

Radiator Springs Racers, last ride of the day.

P got a Fast Pass at ten in the morning and our ride time was between 6:25 to 7:25. We understand why it's such a popular ride. We wanted to buy the souvenir picture, but SS was covered by the eyes on the windshield. Next time we are going to ride in the back seat.

SS's experiences with Knott's collided with the mess that is Disney. The girl is not used to waiting in line for hours for a ride. Heck, I don't think SS has ever waited half an hour at Knott's. And she has always had a picture with Snoopy and other characters.

When the ride ended SS said, "I want to go again." Yikes, she didn't understand the fast pass concept. We had to explain that it was a one time only thing. We also showed her how many people were waiting for over an hour.

SS, we hope you enjoyed your birthday gift.

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