Sunday, March 15, 2015

We do have a Disney guilty pleasure.

Fantasmic, even after a twenty-three year run redeems this over priced, over rated park. JJ was in elementary school when we first saw Fantasmic.

P and I last saw it ten years ago, during the park's 50th anniversary celebration. That is when we bought SS her first mouse ears, with her name embroided. Our baby was born two years after that purchase. The ears color is gold and she still has them. At the time we could not wait to bring SS home and introduce her to Fantasmic.

We even bought a CD of the soundtrack along with the soundtrack for the now defunct Main Street Electrical Parade. It took us a while but we made it. On our own dime and at our own pace.

It was truly magical watching SS take it all in, a smile on her face and completely oblivious to the world around her. It was one of those silly parent moments that fill our hearts with joy. Gee, it's not like we created the damn show.

I have done Disney with a six week old and now with an eight year old. The latter is more enjoyable. SS will remember today for years to come. She can get on almost every ride if she is interested. SS walked by the long line to take a picture with Mickey and kept on walking. But she did enjoy It's a Small World and Fantasmic. Disney you redeemed yourself at least for today.

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