Sunday, March 15, 2015

SS's dinner included the Pope.

We dined at Buca di Beppo, where the $5 children's menu Fettuccine Alfredo is enough to feed a hungry adult. The ad on our placemats recommended The Pope Room to celebrate first communion, while ingesting massive amounts of pasta. Just like any good Roman Catholic would do.

I really thought it was a joke and I was wrong. OMG the room is real, and well, mere words do not do it justice. The bust in the middle of the lazy Susan was the perfect touch that elevated the room to first class. SS was incredibly relieved that she will never receive communion. Who knew being heathens would raise our stock with our daughter?

P corrected my previous claim of $800 for two days. They recently raised the prices, so our two days would have set us back $1000. How is that feasible for the average family of four? We can only hope SS moves on to another obsession by her next birthday. Until then she better make good use of her pass.

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