Saturday, June 12, 2010

First taste of mediterranean food and first baseball game.

The sun is back and us lazy bums celebrated by staying indoors until late afternoon. We drove over to Chico for dinner and a ball game. The food was great and I had the best hummus I have had in quite a while. We will definitely be returning on a Friday, because they have belly dancing. We think SS will get a kick out of that. During dinner we were discussing that we have lucked out with JJ's and SS's palates. Now they both have some eating habits that make our skin crawl, but we can take them anywhere to eat and not worry about their picky, fast food only, mac and cheese ways to ruin the experience. We are obviously referring to JJ's younger years here, because if we had to worry about this now it would be very sad.

With very full tummies we headed over to the game. Since we are on this kick about exposing SS to positive female role models, her first baseball game featured a female pitcher. I am not a baseball fan but it was so important for P to be there, so I sucked it up. Everything that SS enjoyed, the crowds, the noise, the annoying cowbells it is what made it so difficult for me. Amusement parks are easy for me because I at least get the adrenalin rush from the roller coasters to even out my anxiety. There is nothing to help my anxiety when the main draw is watching a game. SS and I spent quite a bit of time at the sandbox, where SS bamboozled a teenage attendant to leave her post and build sand castles for her. We are fearing when SS not only realizes her pull with people, but decides to use it for evil instead of good.

Since we had such a nice dinner, we had to forgo the usual ball park food fare. The garlic French fries smelled amazing, but will have to wait until next time. So it was beer for P, a margarita for me, and M&M's for SS. Our overly stimulated daughter crashed during the drive and woke up just as we arrived home. Thankfully after a diaper change, we placed her in her crib, still clad in her Yoshida over sized T-shirt.

SS did very well during dinner, even though lately she has been refusing to eat meat and poultry. She really enjoyed the beef/lamb combo. P is looking forward to making her lamb chops.

SS played several games of bubble wrap on our phones. She loves that game.

The reason we chose this opportunity to introduce SS to a baseball game. Eri Yoshida, 5 feet 1 inch of Japanese, female pitching goodness. And she is only 18 years old. As an added bonus, it was Eri's first strikeout as a pro, and SS was there.

Shortly after taking this picture a guy walked by us, smiled and waved at SS then said to us, "She is a big hit on that section over there." I turned to see all these people gawking at my child. It was rather unnerving and very uncomfortable.

We were very surprised when SS practically charged Rascal the mascot. The kid is afraid of everything, but obviously loves to squeeze over sized stuffed animals.

SS is now a an official Yoshida fan.It was the smallest size available.

Our very own tiny outlaw.

A boy of about 7 walked by us holding this balloon, and SS touched it. P and I immediately told her to keep her hands to herself, but the boy just gave her his balloon. A few weeks ago we were at the Mall playground and SS was playing with a 6 year old boy who had a tennis ball. As he was leaving he returned and handed SS his ball. What gives?

Our usually vivacious child decided to go shy on us when it was time to do the chicken dance. Yes, she is barefoot, we are awful parents. We had just returned from our first trip to the sandbox and P just took off with SS, guess he really wanted to dance.

This is what our three year old was doing at 10:00 p.m. Kid looks like Cousin It.

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Michelle said...

Can you believe I have never been to a baseball game? I *know*! I love that dress. Turquoise looks good on her.