Saturday, June 26, 2010

Traumatizing SS.

Turns out that I really messed SS up by leaving her alone when the volcano fountain went off. She would not get nowhere near it even though P was holding her. Way to go K! It was close to 100 degrees, so P sat among the kids and got drenched, while I held a scared SS. We are hoping to bring her back and eventually wear her down. I do feel really bad about adding another issue to her growing list.

Remember when I said that this picture proved that SS could lounge with the best of them? It turns out that I got her number.

Lounging is her thing. Here she is having a snack before we head out into the 100 degree sun. This picture makes her look so long legged. Abuela, check out her muslitos. SS was eating a meatball kabob, she also likes roast beef and cheddar kabobs. SS has been eating a lot of cheddar cheese lately. She does not care for slices of cheese, just cheese chunks. SS is almost done with the two pounds of cheddar we purchased recently.

P messing around with one of his Baba day gifts.

I found this cool gadget at Co$tco. It plugs into the cigarette lighter, and it not only charges the phone (or iPod, iTouch), but also allows for our 5 gigs of music to play through the FM radio. It will come in handy later this summer, when we will use the GPS feature to get around. Today was the first time he used it and by the time we made it to the playground SS was demanding "more music."

This is as close as SS would get to the volcano fountain. I managed to absolutely frighten the pants off my daughter. P is very good at getting SS over her fears, but she was too scared to even look that way.

Although I am responsible for her trauma, SS insisted on climbing on my lap. Dude, how weird is this? I am grateful that she still can stand the sight of me. It was scorching hot, so we headed to the water park.

Today we had a high of 102 degrees. Ah, normal weather is back. It was also the first time that SS did not have to wear her wetsuit. She was such a happy camper, all smiles. After a few hours of frolicking we returned to the van for snack time.


SS always shares with Mama and Baba.

Love that face.

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