Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Those super powers are sure working for SS.

It is the only way to explain how Super Ladybug is doing so well and us mere mortals are still trying to shake these awful colds. It is even more remarkable when you take into consideration that it is impossible to keep SS from kissing us, sharing food with us, etc. Like her brother, our daughter has surprised us with her good health, given her beginnings. P and I alternate as to who is feeling worse, and P is winning hands down today. I felt so bad for him at lunch, because the guy could hardly breathe. He is absolutely miserable and still had to go back to work. Looks like it's going to be dinner and a very early bedtime for P tonight.

It was 78 today and very breezy, another missed pool opportunity. And yes, I would drag my sick self to a pool. Super Ladybug got some flying time outside. I was going to start a countdown to paradise but it is too depressing. Especially since there will be a short trip to hell before we head to paradise.

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Michelle said...

She looks so old in this picture! *sniff*. She'll be driving by the time she meets her China sister. Sigh.