Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maybe not.

Wow, it's really been ten days since the last post. P told me to get off my lazy behind and post because the grandmothers have not seen SS in 10 days. Apparently my brilliant and accomplished husband is incapable of snapping pictures of his daughter and loading them up to the blog. I now realize why he has kept me around for so long.

Last Monday after coming home from the water park I found this:

That is SS's inner thigh and it hurt a lot. P changed her at the park so I had no idea why she was so crabby during the one minute drive home. SS was not shy about letting us know that she was in pain. She woke up Tuesday and declared "Mama, I'm sick." And just her luck that she still had a mild cough going because that allowed he to milk it for two days. In SS's world being sick means staying in bed all day watching Nick Jr., and demanding smoothies, food and toys. That was also the day when I had scheduled an almost full day of running errands. Instead, P told me to chill with SS at home and he would get what we needed for a few days.

I got out the ointment, waterproof pad, and allowed SS to lounge buck naked, one of her favorite things to do. I tried putting a T-shirt on, only to be reprimanded, "Mama I can't, I'm sick." The funny thing is that for being in such discomfort, she ate so well those two days. Of course while laying around, fed by her Mama (yeah I am a soquete). Also, being sick entails getting out the Halloween binky that we tried like crazy to get her to like when we met. It appears that it is a comfort thing for her now. We are going to have to make sure to pack it for our two little trips later this summer. We also noticed that SS no longer sucks her fingers, not even when distressed. Then on Thursday SS was ready to run errands with Mama, but first we made a pit stop at the park for some water play.

Last weekend SS was on a talkative mood, a REALLY talkative mood. The girl can go for hours and now she is actually making coherent sentences, but darn, how much does a three year old have to say? On Sunday we took turns with her, because motor mouth SS could not shut up. It's quite funny, now that the headaches are gone. Then she goes through spells like now, when she is sitting next to me quietly playing, not making a sound. Feast or famine, high or low, no in between for SS.

Monday morning SS woke up when I had a whole ninety minutes sleep. My own darn fault because I should not stay up reading all night. But when I can't sleep, what else am I supposed to do. I brought her to bed with me and selfishly allowed her to watch Nick Jr., hoping to get at least an hour sleep. SS was still on a talkative mood and even though I closed my eyes, I could not help but listen and try my hardest not to bust out laughing. As we have noted before, SS gets in these change my diaper every five minutes moods. I had just changed her diaper when SS began her little monologue.

" I think I pooped."
"Mama, I poooooooooooped." Well, I could not smell anything and our daughter is toxic, so I knew it was a ruse. Then I heard SS messing with the diaper tabs. Yeah, she plays dirty.
"I pooped..... (tab sound) Maybe not." I thought this would be the end of this. Nah.....
"Mama changes diaper. Poopoo and peepee diapers. I change my diaper." Again, I hear that tab noise. What? She is going to try to change her own diaper? UGH. Not to worry, after a few seconds I heard her snap the tab on again and...
"Maybe not."

No idea where the maybe not came from but it did brighten my Monday morning, even though I was sleepy as hell and equally crabby. My kids are simply the funniest creatures I have ever had the pleasure to encounter.

Last Tuesday, playing the sick card for all she could.

I'm serious Mama, I'm really sick, I'll even add fake coughs for the pity effect.

Fine, don't believe me, but I'm staying here, naked and in pain. And if I do not get food in bed, I will accidentally slip off the waterproof pad and pee on your bed.

We will be returning to this cool volcano fountain with P this weekend. It goes off every 15 minutes, but SS freaked out when we were there. SS's first visit was in September 2008 (have to look for the pics and post them), when she was so new to everything, and she did not flinch when the volcano noise started, and was very calm when the water erupted. This time I was filming with my phone, dropped it in my purse and ran to get a very scared SS. Made us feel very guilty about taking her two years ago when what we mistook as a lack of fear was just SS in her deer caught between headlights shock and compensating by zoning out. We are hoping that P's presence will reassure SS.

Man, she is one cool looking chick.

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