Saturday, June 05, 2010

She is feeling much better.

P and I are not faring as well, but we do not care. As long as SS is not hurting or in discomfort we are happy. I think SS and I made it to bed around 2:00 a.m. For a so called sick child, SS really had a heck of an active night. She decided to do her best impression of a tornado and did a bang up job. Our living room does look like a tornado tore through it. I just let her have fun, after seeing her so miserable earlier it was really good to see her smiling and active.

P is snoozing again, quite impressive after all the sleep he got yesterday, over twelve hours. He is literally sick and tired. :) I would love to join him, but SS is bright eyed and annoyingly bushy tailed.

Yesterday afternoon. The vein on her right temple is one of the first things I noticed about SS on Family Day. No matter how tanned she gets, that vein is always very noticeable.

Always practicing for the freestyle sleeping Olympics. We think this one is going to earn her a gold medal.

This little bundle of joyous activity sleeps between us. No wonder we always wake up tired.

We recently posted about SS's lack of balance. The girl trips on air, and sometimes walks around as though she had one too many during happy hour. We think SS has been reading her parents' snark and was not too happy. Last night she set out to prove us wrong. She spent almost 40 minutes trying to give her Mama a heart attack with her acrobatics. She almost succeeded, and if I had the strength, or the common sense, I would have stopped her.

Practicing her surf stance. There is a kiddie surfing school in Maui that will teach children as young a three, provided that they are comfortable in water. P immediately thought about SS and I told him now way would she muster the courage to stand on a surf board alone. I could be very mistaken.

She thoroughly enjoyed diving into the sofa.

Ms. Unsteady Feet managing to balance on the arm of a rocking chair. This one will hands down win me the what the heck where you thinking award.

SS also spend time with her favorite keyboard (P's cousin gave her one last summer). She belted out Twinkle Twinkle Little Star about a dozen times.

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