Monday, June 14, 2010

We had an embarrassingly lazy Sunday. (Updated)

We had plans, we had water to frolic in, sun to soak, but we ended up doing nada. We practically spent our Sunday upstairs, not watching TV, and playing with SS. We are such paragons of parental virtue that SS remained in her T-shirt and we never even attempted to reach for a brush or a comb. We did change her diaper because we are not that bad, although we each suggested at least once to SS that she could could change her own diaper and it would be fun. She did not buy it.

P is still suffering through his never ending cold and did not seem thrilled about frolicking in the Lazy Lagoon. Now SS has started to cough and her voice is rather raspy, and my cold is going strong as well. I still have no idea how we did not end up smashing SS's recorder into a million pieces yesterday. She really serenaded us until our ears almost bled. For someone who has such a passion for musical instruments and music, our daughter is seriously lacking in the talent department.

I did manage to reach for my phone and snap a few very brief videos of our lazy selves playing with SS. The first video is to honor a request from the Abus, because no one pronounces chocolate in Spanish like our SS. P also introduced SS to Joan Jett's Cherry Bomb and we think she liked it. Her air guitar playing just cracks us up. I vowed to be productive today, and in our lazy world that means that said mission will be accomplished if we make it to the water park. I don't think P is going to join us, he was very miserable during lunch. My poor husband is the first man to ever get the common cold. At least since SS's arrival he no longer whines every 5 minutes stating "Baby, I am dying, I'm really dying." It used to get so bad that I threatened to make that statement come true if he did not tone down the complaining. Now I can feel sorry for him, because he is being such a good sport. OK, it's 2:30 p.m., time to get SS in her bathing suit.

Success! We actually made it out of the house, mainly due to SS's subtle hints. Below is one such subtle hint, our daughter is the queen of gentle persuasion. The dress she is wearing snaps like a onesie and it did not stop her from getting her bottoms on.

Wearing her new bathing suit from the Abus, with pretty butterflies, SS's new summer obsession.

Ms. I am Afraid of Everything blew me away by requesting to try the Mole Hole slide for the first time. As much as I love water parks I stopped doing this type of slides years ago. There is something about being enclosed that just takes the joy out of the ride. The only exception is when I ride tandem with P. He is the only person ever to get me to brave that tube of terror again, I just feel safe with him. Last year it did not occur to either one of us to get SS to try it, and against my better judgment I allowed her to spread her wings.

Here is our very happy daredevil who happened to like it. Good because it would have been so awkward for me to get in there to retrieve my screaming daughter. SS liked it so much that she went on it over 20 times. I know because I counted and I will be paying tomorrow for all those trips up that little hill.

I then made SS climb on her own because it is about darn time she starts doing things on her own. She was not happy, but the allure of the mole hole was too much for her to resist. That slide did wonders for SS's clingy behavior because after P joined us SS just turned loose. That is after I spent two hours running after her. But it was good to see SS trying out some independence. We are hoping that like last summer all that pool time, kicking her legs and walking in water, will help SS with her balance and strengthening those little legs.

Our little girl is growing up.

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