Friday, June 04, 2010

Graet, it's still freaking raining and we are all sick.

SS is jonesing for some pool action, heck we are all jonesing for a fix of chlorinated water. But the weather is playing cruel games with us. My iPhone is getting a lot of colorful language hurled at it, because that is where I check the weather forecast. It is JUNE, as in J-U-N-E Mother Nature, as in sunshine, water, tanning, heat, shorts, etc. SS and I have to differentiate our pale selves from year round pale P. Instead, we are moping daily, waiting for the sun to come back and stay. SS has resorted to "swimming" on the floor. She insists on wearing her bathing suits and just happily pretends to be in the water. P was cracking up during lunch, watching what he perceives as SS's readiness to really swim this summer. If she crashes and burns, he is going to be really disappointed. The man did not want a child, he yearned for a fish, a sea turtle, a dolphin, a sea creature. Mamas don't let your daughters fall for Fisheries Biologists, they are a weird breed.

At least we finalized our summer getaway plans two nights ago, so we are guaranteed sun, sand and surf at the end of the summer. SS and I are easy and ready to go at any time, but P's and JJ's schedules were just a mess to work with. P was set in how he wanted things to flow, and was not a happy camper to deal with when his vision of what JJ, SS and I would just love to do (go ahead wipe the sarcasm dripping from your monitor) did not come to fruition. I am happy that we will all be together for almost seven days. I was never crazy about his idea of having the kids and I in paradise for a week without him. Even though SS has been home for almost two years now, and I am her go to parent, I do not want an ocean between us just yet. SS needs her Baba. That much was obvious this afternoon.

Just as well that it is not sunny because we awoke in synch, but a bad synchronization. We all have sore throats. Man what are the odds? P and I began feeling it this morning, and we were relieved that SS seemed to be OK. This afternoon SS was very whiny and sat on my lap. We had the following exchange:

SS: Sits on my lap, gives me a hug and says, "Mama, I love you too." She then gives me a kiss.
Me: "I love you too Pumpkin."
SS: "Mama, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed my Baba."

Notice how she said love you too, even though she initiated the conversation. Only three and she knows how to cushion a blow. It sadly went downhill from there, with SS insisting, "Baba no work. I NEED my Baba." She fell asleep crying for P, but woke up twenty minutes later holding her neck and whimpering. She was not running a fever but she was warm. P came home an hour early and brought medication. After many tears and pleas to see Baba, SS had fallen asleep, although she whimpered a lot in her sleep.

P was asleep shortly after coming home, and SS did not wake up until 6:00 p.m., complaining of hunger. She wanted potstickers and they are still untouched. P came downstairs ate a little and is back in bed. Good thing that I have unrivaled experience in being sick , because I have two very demanding patients. SS is medicated and took a long nap, but is in a "hold me" whinny mood. It's going to be a long night.

Pictures from yesterday, and yes, SS had a wardrobe change.

We drove to a smaller library branch for story time and SS was so excited. It would have been nice of them to update their webpage to add that story time had been canceled until late July.

My smarter than I daughter decided to make friends with the evil rain and even claimed to like it. Traitor.

After all that singing in the rain SS took a late afternoon nap. fearing an all nighter we headed to the Mall to tire her out. She made friends with two boys around 6 and a little girl about 18 months, and ran her tush off. SS also scored a bathing suit, courtesy of leftover birthday money from the Abus.

Our tween giving us the hand.

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Oh my God I love her arm movements in this. Priceless!