Thursday, August 30, 2012

Still struggling with SS's snack and lunch.

When I learned that K kids get twenty minutes for lunch I knew things were going to be difficult. Twenty minutes is just enough time for SS to sit down and open her lunch bag. Our daughter is painfully slow. For the past two weeks I have tried so many things, and SS manages to take a bite, two if we are lucky, of her food.  Right now her coming home hungry is not a problem. I can have her finish her lunch at home, or make her something else. But once she attends after school care (hopefully in mid January), SS won't have either of us to keep tabs on her food consumption.  The first week and a half SS was drinking most of her milk, then finishing at home. For three days now her thermos has returned full.  It is a pain in the rear end to feed our child.

All I can do for now is make sure that she has a good breakfast. It does no have to be breakfast food, dinner leftovers are as good. We just d not want her to be at school with an empty stomach. Initially P wanted to buy the school hot lunches, but we were asked to pack a lunch for the first two weeks.  I think I'm going to keep packing her lunches, because at least I know how much she eats.

The next thing we need to work on with SS is opening containers. I pack all her food in snack size Z*ploc bags, because SS can't open a food storage container, let a lone a thermos. Those tiny hands and fingers are not strong enough. 

Last night we had Chinese for dinner, a sure thing with SS, and she did make up for not eating lunch. And eating out with Grandpa means coming home with next day lunch. Grandpa has done well at the Casino tables.  Tonight will be our last visit with him, he departs tomorrow morning.

Crispy shrimp.

Beef satay.

White and fried rice are always a hit.

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