Tuesday, October 02, 2012

We have pretty blue pots.

Grandpa called to inform us that we were about to receive a belated (for me) and early (for P) birthday present.  P was hoping for a surround system (sorry Baby, maybe Santa will), I had no thoughts, only knew that Grandpa usually sends good gifts. Yesterday our big box from Macy's arrived, and inside we found three cast iron dutch ovens. Darn, I really ended up winning big time with this gift. Even better, they are blue, we have pretty blue pots.  It so happened that we had a roast we wanted to make this week, and P wasted not time going shopping after dropping SS off at school. We had a delicious dinner and plenty of leftovers for tomorrow's dinner, good because it is karate night, and SS should be very hungry after class.  P has quite a few recipes he wants to try using our new cookware.  Next on his list is arroz con pollo. Hopefully it will be as delicious.  Thank you Grandpa.

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