Friday, December 28, 2012

Lego bliss.

SS received three Lego sets for Christmas, and they are a good investment. SS plays for hours, and is very good at following the assembling instructions.

SS has pirates, city (cop and bad guy), and Star Wars. One thing we liked about them is that the parts are stored inside half of the "book" they come in. The other half of the book consists of the instructions. Much better to have them bound, than having them all over the place, and eventually not able to find them.

SS spent yesterday afternoon playing with her Legos. She first tackled the pirate set, and decided to work on the pirate beach setup.

Next was the cop and bad guy set, and SS was naturally fond of the bad guy.

She assembled the police car rather quickly.

Grandpa sent SS a four and a half foot tall bear, that thing is humongous. Her cousins also have one, and we think SS will have as much fun as they do playing with her giant bear.

I was looking for the bear, as it should not be hard to miss, when P told me he was on SS's bed. Man, it looks like someone passed out drunk. It occupies so much of her bed, that already has about a dozen other critters.

SS insisted on sleeping with her big bear, oh well, her bed, her choice. And that only applies to stuffed animals. 

Grandpa also sent SS Muddzie The Pig, and she came with a story book, stickers, and a few pockets. SS just loves pockets, hers, ours, any ones. You never know what you are going to find in her or our pockets.

Yesterday SS ventured past the mailbox and headed over to the park to practice her driving skills. SS is a horrible driver, she is going to need lots of practice. P wants to take her back to the kid go carts, and have her enjoy it more this time.That is SS's incentive for learning to pay attention and staying on track.


Anonymous said...

Our child, whose favorite toy was Legos, grew up to become an engineer. There can be a big pay-off for all those painful, barefoot-stepping-on-legos incidents.
Just the spatial and decision-making skills learned make Legos priceless.
S, btw, is adorable!

2china4S said...

Thank you Anon, we are biased, but find S adorable as well :) Every time we step on one of those suckers we think about what she gains in spatial understanding, and dexterity.