Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A drastic way to summon the Tooth Fairy.

Ever since that first tooth fell off almost one year ago (April), SS has eagerly awaited another visit from the Tooth Fairy. As she nears her sixth birthday, it has become a daily obsession, checking her teeth for any signs of looseness.I joked that I was afraid SS would resort to something drastic, and darn drastic we got this morning. I received a call from the school nurse (those never end well) stating that SS collided with another child during recess, she was OK, but had a nosebleed that was stopped by then, and a swollen lip. Not bad for a collision with a child with more mass and momentum.  The nurse stated that SS was very emotional and it would be best if I brought her home.

As soon as I saw SS I knew there was more to the incident. The nurse asked me if SS was missing any teeth. Just her bottom tooth. The nurse asked me if I was sure. Uh, yes I am, she is my kid and she only had one missing tooth this morning. SS was in too much pain to open her mouth but when they said she had a gap on her upper gums I knew at least one tooth was gone. Once SS allowed at quick peek at home, we were able to confirm the missing tooth, plus two very loose from their socket. I quickly made an appointment with SS's dentist to make sure all was OK.

The dentist wishes one of the other teeth was knocked out too. They are at an awkward angle, but after examining the amount of trauma to SS's face, she could not justify removing the tooth. The dentist estimates two weeks before full recovery. Our poor baby left a tooth somewhere in the playground when she collided with a third grader. Why in heavens are third graders and kinder kids sharing a playground? I only found out that our daughter was rammed by a much bigger train courtesy of her classmates. The school did not say a thing. What else? Busted lip, busted gums, bloody nose, and a nice shiner to be on her right cheek.  SS certainly made her first trip to the nurse's office count.


The upside to all the trauma, a diet of soft, cold foods.

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