Monday, February 18, 2013


P woke me up around 6:15 yesterday, to let me know he was going to the lobby to get coffee. Why wake me up? Because I have a knack for waking up right after he leaves the room, and since usually disoriented in strange settings, a freak out ensues.  I asked P to bring me a cup, but he insisted that I return to sleep since I was up late as usual.  I protested but as soon as he left the room I reconsidered, and proceeded to get cozy under the blankets. P could not have been more than three feet from our room when SS woke up in grand fashion. She called out for me, jumped up on her bed, came to my bed, and actually started the morning exchange I have had with her since she came home. I groggily texted P that the beast was awake and that I would be needing a cup of strong coffee.

What were we thinking when we decided to medicate SS? She was only running a low grade fever, it is not like she was in danger of febrile seizures. SS was quiet, calm, non demanding, in short, not her loud and larger than life self. But no, we had to get in worried parent mode, medicate her to make it all better.  Ugh, will we ever learn? We decided to lounge in the room for a few hours, allowing SS to get another dose of medication before she had to face the outside world.   

We returned to Chinatown, watched a few performances and shopped. We entered an indoor mall and had a very pleasant flashback to a shopping trip in Guangzhou. Well, except that the mall in China was at least five stories high. But being there reminded us of walking all over that mall looking for Baby E*nstein DVDs for SS. Carrying SS on the Ergo, her little face facing me, having bonding time, and enjoying every second. Once snapped out of my reverie I could not help but marvel at how fast time has gone by since. My Ergo, Velcro baby now a big girl of 5, eagerly anticipating her sixth birthday.

This was our first time in LA since we moved, and we were very surprised it took us so long. When we lived here it was an at least once a month drive. Especially when we got a hankering for a Melo's Burgers malt at 10:30 p.m. We anticipate more trips to Chinatown, there's always more shopping to be done.  Our goal is that eventually SS won't view being among Chinese people as a treat, something that rarely happens.  We want events like the ones she experienced this weekend to become the norm for SS.  We owe her that much. 

In yet another mind blowing display of self restrain we headed home as soon as we were done shopping.  Although SS was feeling much better, she was not 100% herself.  She did not walk much Saturday, but yesterday we left her stroller in the van, and there was a lot of walking involved. We were shattered by the time we arrived home, ate, then shamelessly headed upstairs to lounge around, waiting for the premiere of The Amazing Race.  By nine we were all on our way to dreamland. We had a blast, and it was good to get away even if only for an overnight stay.  The best part is that P was home today and will be home tomorrow. I will get a whole three hours alone with my husband tomorrow.

Straw hat juggling.

Chinese YoYo demo.

We walked, we ate, we saw, we shopped, we went  home.

Knackered with her lion puppet, that she insists is a dragon.

What else to get in Chinatown but a Ninja sword.

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