Friday, February 08, 2013

No wonder the kids are confused.

We found out this week that the behavioral chart in the classroom is now used when the kids do not know the answer to a question.  The chart we were clearly told was to be used when a child did not behave and only after warning the child first. Now it is used as punishment for wrong answers. Our kids are having a difficult time and all we can do for now is help them get through the school year.  Kids are going home in tears, some are faking illness to get out of school. There was also a very concerning incident with SS that we did not learn about until a week later. There's more to this, but this is all we will discuss at all.  Some of the parents have decided to have our children together after school a few days a week. The goal is to help their self-esteem with fun learning.  We will see in two months if we succeeded. It was a sh*tty few days, but looking forward to Chinese New Year.  We are going to spend two days in Los Angeles to enjoy the festivities.  SS is going to get that Chinese dress she requested. 

Imagine this unexpectedly jumping on your lap at 7:00 a.m. Actually, it's pretty neat, and wish it could last forever.  But I know better, so enjoying the moment.

Our precious thug this week. She really likes her skull beanie.

Pre-homework snack yesterday, mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto and salami, pretzels and Capr*sun (a rare treat).  SS cleaned her plate.  This afternoon she had the same (but with milk), and added half an avocado, because avocado goes well with everything.

This afternoon after two excruciating hours of homework, where she completed five pages.  This week there's a lot of writing. SS lounged with Hulk and watched Hotel Transylvania. She has watched it so many times that she knows the dialogue. Creepy. 

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