Friday, February 15, 2013

SS was cryogenically preserved, and darn the girl thawed perfectly.

The one truth about SS shared by her orphanage was her love for music. But all kids love music, it's universal. The first song I played for SS was Barry White's My First, my Last, my Everything. It is still so clear on my mind. I used to sing that song to JJ and thought it would be neat for it to be SS's first song with us. When we saw SS grooving to the music in our room at the Bank Hotel in Kunming, we knew she fit right in. Her love for music has not abated one bit since then. Even when SS did not have many words, she managed to articulate her appreciation for music. I remember being in the van listening to the radio, when out of the blue SS said "guitar." Huh? She was picking up on the guitar riff. Other times she would say "drums" or "piano."

Like her brother, SS's music taste is eclectic.  The only thing we do not expose her to is rap for the obvious reasons.  We even break the complete silence during homework rule. SS just works faster when she is listening to music. Recently we were all busy downstairs, SS was doing homework. P asked me "Are you sure she wasn't born in 1987?" Dude? P is convinced that SS was born in the eighties, and was cryogenically preserved until 2007, perfect timing to join our family. FYI, the man was absolutely sober when he said that with a straight face.I give SS a choice of music stations, and SS always chooses the 80's music channel. She knows the lyrics, and just falls into a time warp.  I'm used to it, but it was P's first time witnessing this. 

SS just loves her 80's and who can blame her. She is constantly surprising me with how quickly she recognizes a song just by the first few notes. Just last week she said "Mama, it's Eye of the Tiger!" I think just the first bar had played. Now if I did that it would be completely understandable, I lived through that time.  But it is rather remarkable for SS. If P's theory is accurate, I am very happy that our daughter thawed so well.

SS's V Day loot from school. Mrs. VP does not celebrate any holidays due to her religion, and passes on the joy to the kids. While every other class engaged in Valentine's activities and made it a day, our kids had to pass their valentine's in the last half an hour of class.    

SS ended up with two V Day gift bags.  P came downstairs yesterday morning carrying two gift bags. When I asked he said "I have a wife and a daughter, right?" Yes you do, but I though that until we are divorced we would be purchasing SS's gifts together.

Since SS did not get enough Legos for Christmas, P decided to add another set to her collection. It's pretty cool, SS can make an airplane, a car, and a robot.  We are taking it with us this weekend to keep SS busy during down time.

SS can now make a vanity license plate for her Mini Cooper.

P noted that it looks like we gave our daughter a questionable adult toy. It's a mini light saber, and although SS has been asking for a full size one for a while, she was pleased with the miniature version.

This was supposed to be a birthday gift for SS, an iPod Shuffle. But she is going to need it before her birthday, so she scored early.  That is one square inch of happiness for our daughter, and one square inch of freedom for us. SS demands music when we are in the van, and she likes it loud. If we play music at a decent volume, so we can occasionally talk to each other, SS immediately protests. "May I please hear that song?" Translation, could you please return the volume to eardrum shattering decibels. It's like Studio 54 in the van, but now we are looking forward to talking to each other.

SS's first Spanish card for her Baba.

Perfect grilling weather is around the corner, SS and I made sure P will be ready. New  veggie grilling basket.

Burger patty mold with "stuff a burger" press, and grilling basket.

Veggie chopper because we have make a lot of dishes that require a lot of chopping. 

And an apron just for grill time. SS is rubbing off on P, he somehow managed not to look at the camera.

SS really gets into her music, here she is singing to I don't know what, but with a lot of feeling.

P's V Day dinner, balsamic quick-braised pork chop. No sense in going out to a romantic dinner when we have to bring our child along.

Me? Right, almost forgot. P gave me a purse camera, because I am going to really need one soon.  

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