Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Losing Mrs. O

Last week I received a voice mail then a frantic text from E's mom letting me know that Mrs. O, VP's teacher aide was leaving.  Our kids already have it difficult as it is, and losing Mrs. O is not going to help.  She is the voice of reason in the classroom, is very soft spoken, never heard her raise her voice like Mrs. VP does so often. But she has complete control of the classroom. What a concept, children responding to stern yet calm direction.  The kids will have substitute aides until a replacement is found.  Mrs. VP estimates that it will take her one month to train the new aide. Yikes, rough times ahead for our children. We certainly understand why Mrs. O needed to transfer to another school. She was a full time employee, and when the teachers decided the K program would be half days, her hours were cut, and she lost her benefits.  The woman needs to make a living, but we are really going to miss her, especially her calm demeanor.

SS and Mrs. O

Running around with K before class.

It was cooooooooold this morning, the kids huddled for warmth.

Walking her dog.

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