Friday, February 01, 2013

La estudiante de el mes.

I omitted part of my conversation Wednesday with SS's teacher. Mrs. VP told me that SS was going to be recognized as the K student of the month on Friday's assembly. Mrs. VP said that SS was the only choice for self control. I did ask her if she was really talking about our child.  The Chinese girl with a Puerto Rican mother and Caucasian father. I think VP has never talked to me as long as she did Wednesday.  She and Mrs. O (teacher's aide)  extolled SS's self control virtues. They said that SS never talks out of place, does as she is told, has never pushed, shoved or hit another child, and is just the best behaved child they have ever taught. They said they wish they had a room full of SSs.

I am a normal parent, and of course I was thrilled to hear such gushing about my daughter.  P was home sick and I had to send SS upstairs to give him the good news (SS did not know). P's first reaction was "are you sure? our daughter has self control? really?" But he was a proud Baba and before I could ask he stated that he would take time off work to be there. Then he said "February? The shortest month of the year? She is relegated to Black History Month?"   I reminded P that our daughter has been ignored by her teacher since August, we should cherish her teacher noticing her.

Yesterday was the 100th day of school and I volunteered to help in the classroom. P met us at school and his amazing blue eyes and kilo watt smile were in full force. He was so proud of his little girl and those around him could not help but smile.  When SS's name was called I was already in filming position, but P wanted a picture of SS realizing she was to be awarded. One thing that melted our hearts was SS's classmates cheering for her.

The timing of the 100th day celebration could not have been any better. Just the day before I was having a pity party, longing for the days when work was a priority, to the point that I talked in my sleep about what I planned to write on my reports. I was being selfish and thinking about me.  Then there I was in SS's classroom, watching her on such a high note, enjoying her recognition and day of fun. I thanked P, because while he does not like to admit it, it has been him who has consistently asked  me to wait to return to work. I thanked him because I had the privilege to be in the midst of the 100th day of school celebration madness. I was in the middle of a pack of wolves, and enjoyed every second.

The kids had pizza for lunch, cheese or pepperoni. As I was walking by SS's table I heard the funniest thing.  O was talking about his dog.  "My dog died, we has attacked by a wolf." O takes another bite of food, then continues, "I don't know he was, I hope he was killed by a wolf."  WTF??? I told P and he had a theory. P thought that O's comment wasn't so odd. P thought that maybe O's dog was missing, and O was giving his dog a heroic ending. OK, but it was funny as hell to hear it.

I did the writing, but SS was responsible for the 100 dots on her shirt.

It's me! I have no idea why the principal called my name, but I'm right on it.

As expected SS ran into her Baba's arms. She did notice me sometime later.

Proud Baba.

Getting ready for the 100 item trail mix mess.

SS's blue group. We have no idea why the teacher thinks it is OK to have O and K in the same group, since they are constantly vying for SS's attention.

Swings are not longer evil, and SS has requested one for her back yard.

I sent a picture of SS holding her certificate to the grandparents. Nana emailed to ask if SS received a Dr. Seuss book as a reward. We wish, the bottom part is a coupon for a free meal at a restaurant.

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