Friday, February 22, 2013

The Dark SS Rises.

SS had her heart and mind set on a Batman costume for Halloween 2011, and it had to be The Dark Knight Rises costume. The original blue, yellow and black was "for babies." We could not find one in SS's size, and P managed to talk her into wearing the Batgirl costume, as long as we never uttered the word girl; it was a Batman costume. Today was Super Hero Day at school, and the perfect opportunity to make it up to our girl. I found a size 4-6 that fit SS perfectly, it was such a joy to watch SS smile, ooh, ahhh, and just show her excitement. By now her classmates know what to expect from SS, and they all gushed and gave her plenty of compliments. Mrs. O asked for a picture right away, and our dark knight obliged. I was surprised that not too many kids dressed up, but it is a consequence of the lack of communication. We received a flier about four months ago with the dress up dates for this semester. I do not trust my fried brain, and immediately add the dates to my phone calendar, and schedule reminders. It is the only reason why I remembered.

I spent the morning with SS's class and had a great time watching SS get into super hero mode. Mrs. VP asked me to correct one of the benchmark tests, writing the numbers from 0-60. I felt better when I realized how many kids write their numbers backwards, and more often than SS. I could not find SS's test, Mrs. VP could not recall if SS was absent, and proceeded to pull SS from the class to get it done. I thought SS was going to crash and burn, because she can't perform when put on the spot. SS did not reverse any numbers. a first. She got 100%, and there were not many of those.

Today the kids were allowed to play from noon until dismissal, about twenty five minutes, and they made the most of the extra time. SS had a great day, it was completely worth being in the middle of the madness.

E's mama made her cat woman costume and it was an expensive one. Her sewing machine broke and she bought a replacement just for this costume. I think it would have been cheaper to overnight a costume from anywhere in the U.S.

The very few  kids who dressed up today at school.

Super hero poses.

Mrs. VP's class.

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