Thursday, August 15, 2013

First day of first grade.

And just like that summer is over and off to school she goes. Another big change for SS is that she is going to be bussed to school. Our school district eliminated all busing last year and this continues. It's fine with us because first SS does not attend her home school, transportation then is up to us. But on a more positive note, SS won't have to ride a big bus. SS returns to the same place where she attended summer camp, for one hour before school care and for after school school care. They also will be transporting, and at least she will be in a full size van.

In a rare act of sensible planning I took time off yesterday morning, and P took most of the day off. SS was a bear in the morning, professing her hatred of school, acting as though we were pouring acid on her when we bathed her, and trying her best to make us feel guilty about being cowards by going along with compulsory education. It's a miracle we got a good morning picture, and only after I reminded her of an upcoming treat.

We drove SS to the clubhouse and waited to meet Ms. F, her driver for this school year. We then drove to school and waited for SS to arrive. Most parents skip busing the first day of school, but this is a big step for SS and we wanted to be there to gage her comfort level. SS thought the van ride was OK, but the van was too big. Imagine if she was in that big yellow bus. SS was told where to wait for Ms. F when school was dismissed. Not only by Ms. F several times, but repeatedly by us while we waited for SS to go into her classroom.

Good thing we know our child well, because she did not make it, as expected. In her defense, last year the K kids were herded to and from the classroom. Now there are a few hundred jkids leaving at the same time. P sheepishly told me that he could not see SS at dismissal, not surprising given her size. He asked SS's teacher for help locating her. I don't even want to think about SS's state of mind had P not been there. SS made it to her bus, and P allowed her some time at the club house before driving her home.

When P asked me to request tomorrow as my first Friday off he had a good reason. To me it was a day off, I didn't care what week it was. But due to his every other Tuesday and my every other Friday off, SS will only need transportation three days a week. The cost is the same. Which is almost as much as we paid for a month of preschool. All that money for her to attend a crappy school at an even crappier school district. Oh yeah, this school district sucks donkey balls, and there are no private schools. Next on the agenda is looking for our next home, and home school is going to be at the top of the list. Because we have so much time to engage in house hunting now. Still, one can't place a price on peace of mind and we feel better knowing that SS will be bussed three days instead of five. And that is two days a week she gets one on one time with us. Because even though SS is a major crank a$$ at times, we really miss our baby. And our baby keeps reminding us why it is a good thing we only have her at home.

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This, too, shall pass.