Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Grade Open House

This afternoon we attended SS's school's open house, and that was actually very nice.  It immediately brought forth what a pain in the rear end it is to work until 5:30. But one of the reasons I did not fear such a big change for SS is that P is out by 4:30. By the time I found parking and walked to the classroom it was almost over.  As soon as I walked in I could tell that P was not in Dante's inferno like he was all of kindergarten. First, there's twenty children in the classroom, there's an aide, and one of the students has a one on one aide.

How different is it this year? The teacher handed out copies of the schedule and went over it with the parents. Ms. S (the teacher not our daughter) also explained homework, expectations, and basically how the classroom works. Unlike Mrs. VP, Ms. S provided her email address, and requested the parents' email address and phone number. SS finished her homework packet yesterday, much to our surprise. Also, she worked on it solely with P.  My husband the ham brought it with him, and he was grinning while he told me the teacher used it as an example. Why do I get the feeling P was the teachers' pet?  Then again who can resist that kilo watt smile and rosy cheeks. I was rather embarrassed for arriving late but proud that P hit the ground running.

SS was playing with her classmates and their siblings when I arrived and did not even notice my embarrassing yet fashionably late entrance. Hard to take since I walked past her to get to P.  They were playing with cars, and since SS loves cars I can see why she failed to notice.  Once SS realized I was in the room she went in full ham mode and showed me around. The teacher would like volunteers between 10-11, when they break into reading groups.  I am really hoping that P volunteers, and I intend to renew my volunteer badge, because I would like to be there at least once a month. Plus there are the field trips and I would feel much better if P can be there to keep an eye on our tiny girl.

We did not decide until the last minute to have SS return to the same school, and we are still looking at our options.  The classroom size really eased a lot of our concerns, since last year she was really lost in the shuffle.  But we still have to deal with her long days and the busing.  If we can find a school where SS can have before and after school care we would gladly make a change.  But since SS had it rough leaving preschool and then being thrown into the vortex that was the worst managed kinder classroom ever, we are being cautious. Wherever she goes next we want her to remain until middle school.

Proudly showing her orange owl.  What a cute little girl.

PSYCH! There's still the Y chromosome monster within.

Back to prim and proper. We should be worried about her chameleon abilities.

They still don't get the fact that SS has a hyphenated last name. I resisted the urge to grab a Sharpie and take care of the situation.

A very nice self portrait.

Another self portrait. SS wrote "My name is SS. I'm 6 years old.  I have brown eyes.  I have black hair.  I am in first grade!" If her teacher only knew what we go through to get her out the door.

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