Saturday, August 31, 2013

SS's first fall extracurricular activity.

Let's face it, we do not have an illustrious parenting record. It started in China when SS toppled over from bed and almost hit the night stand. What did Super Mama do? I took a picture because she was wearing a  T-shirt emblazoned with I Do My Own Stunts. I also managed to catch her with my free hand, but understand the judging. We have lost count of our less than stellar moments because there have been so many. There's the one where SS slipped into P's sneakers, tried to walk, then almost did a face plant.  Again, I took a picture then caught her with my free hand.  At barely two years old we took SS to El Yunque (rain forest in Puerto Rico), where Abuela was convinced that SS would be abducted by aliens (actually a South American kidnap ring that sold at least one child in SA), or taken from our protective arms by the Chupacabra and eaten. We were not done in PR. In Maui we managed to vex Grandpa when we decided to visit the Nakalele Blowhole with a three year old SS. That after grandpa told us someone had been sucked into the hole to his death just two weeks earlier. We boldly proceeded to take a picture of our tiny daughter in front of said death hole, because it would look awesome on our customized calendar.  Sad to say that the mildest of our parenting transgressions has been taking SS on her first Seadoo ride on the Colorado River, at some not so safe speeds when she had five chin stitches.

Since our daughter hasn't been placed in enough danger, yesterday SS started six weeks of archery lessons.  I am rather biased because I took archery for a semester in grad school. My first experience was at the only summer part time camp I attended as a child. Swimming was the focus and I sucked big time.  Then on my first archery attempt I hit a bulls eye, it was wonderful. It was equally rewarding in grad school. And like SS did yesterday, I learned some interesting things about myself in my first archery lesson.  

SS being six was very excited about her first class. Also being six she had certain expectations that fell flat.  In SS's world she would be handed a bow and arrows (that she's never handled), and then go on her merry way to shoot.  In the real world she had to undergo thirty minutes of safety instructions. SS is not the listen and wait type, let alone be told that she is not perfect. 

Ready to take her first archery lesson.  

There were only three students in the beginners class.  

In my college class I learned that regarding archery I am left side and eye dominant.  We were amused to learn that our left handed daughter is right eye and arm dominant. SS is looking through a piece of construction paper to the target to determine her eye dominance.

More instruction about how she is to stand and carry her body.

SS is not one for taking direction and this is the least teed off picture during that half hour instruction.

Fully aware that a little knowledge is dangerous I remained behind the camera and let the coach do his thing. P just got in there and became coach P much to my amusement.

You want me to do what?  SS was not happy to have to practice with a silly rope before getting her bow.

P is sexy and he knows it, and was dropping it like it's hot.  

Coach's wife fitting SS's arm piece.

Our little girl with a quiver full, hah.

Her bow seems way too big, but the coaches have two grandchildren in the sport, so we backed down with unsolicited advice.  Their grandson started archery at 18 months and won a tournament at two years old.  In contrast, their granddaughter did not get the hang of a bow and arrow until she was eight.  They had three much smaller bows and we thought SS would get one, but they are the pros and we are going to shut up, sit down and listen.

SS's first shot, her arrows have orange bottoms.

Now SS is happy about the torture we have imposed upon her tiny self.

It's really nice that there were only three kids in the beginners class because SS received a lot of attention given her small size, lack of dexterity and inexperience. It is no secret that we are worried about SS's development lags and archery depends on fine motor skills.  As usual SS is the smallest in her class but this will also be a life long issue for her.  Our goal now is to try different activities and hopefully find a good fit for SS. She still contends that football and basketball are her bliss, but that is not going to happen any time soon. 

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