Thursday, August 15, 2013

SS delivers.

Tuesday night we celebrated my birthday, and SS's return to school by having sushi for dinner.  P and I have enjoyed trying whatever crazy roll the two places we prefer have on their menu. We usually get SS a kid's meal because she is not big on sushi, unless it's rice, crab, and lots of avocado.  We ordered the bento box, which SS had never had at this place (it was solely our thing for lunch without her), and were surprised at the amount of food. No biggie, SS would be having most of it for lunch the next day at school.  As you can see in the picture below SS tucked in with enthusiasm.  We looked at each other knowing most of it would be going home. SS stunned the heck out of us, and talk about a great birthday present for me. Her plate consisted of miso soup, five goyza. chicken terriyaki, rice, salad, and an orange slice. She ate all her food, skipped the salad (a first), and took the orange slice for the ride home. Usually the soup alone would stuff her. Last week we had Chinese and SS loved the egg drop soup. She loves soup, Asian soup. 

But wait, there's more, SS asked to try our rolls, and had some, not a bite, but the entire piece of the roll. Some we never thought SS would try as they were a first for us, but she kept on eating.  Best birthday present I have had in a while. And even better, P finally got his wish.  We all dream about things we want to do with our kids. Those wishes often involve celebrating holidays, amusement parks, playing sports, keeping up a family tradition, visiting places of old. It's well known that a swimming baby was high on P's list. But my husband being his usual self, he looked forward to a sushi eating girl. He was not happy when I ruled out raw fish for our sixteen month old daughter. And once I felt it was safe, SS was only into California rolls. Let's hope it was not a fluke and that P has years ahead of sharing his love of sushi with his baby. Oh yeah, I was there as well. JK. 

SS's second day of school took a toll on her,  She was in tears after dinner, I held her, and finally got to the bottom of her mood. Big time Mama guilt, and also thankful it's only three long days a week.  SS is a very young six year old, smaller than all her classmates, and emotionally young as well. I held her until she stopped crying. We reassured her that we are very proud of her, and that she is still a big girl in our eyes, we are proud of her, and we know it will take time to adjust to her long days.  SS went to bed at 6:30 p.m., her bed, her wish, and was out instantly. I'm very unhappy about her long days, guilt is heavy. I had someone waiting for me after school until I was sixteen, and as big a mess as I am, I know that had a positive impact on my life. P reminds me that this is the way it is for most families. Still, it really sucks not to be there for SS.

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